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How to make the most of the Annual ‘24 

You’ve likely caught drift of the buzz surrounding SaaSBoomi Annual ‘24. This is our biggest, most ambitious SaaS conference yet. And we’ve been keeping things under wraps for a while. Here are the details

Millusha Fernandes
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The Story of Qafila: From idea to impact

My story with Qafila kicked off with a pretty casual chat. I’m Aastha Sharma, co-founder of Veris & a passionate SaaSBoomi volunteer. I was brainstorming how to dip our toes into the Middle East, a region that was popping up on our radar; thanks to some early interest.

Aastha Sharma

Freshworks: The deck has to tell a story

The power of storytelling is at the heart of this episode; as Girish emphasizes that a pitch deck should clearly articulate the problem the startup is trying to solve, how the solution will be executed, and why the team is well-equipped to win in the segment the firm operates in.

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TheBetterHalf: Shoba Girish — From dreams to reality

Startup spouses share their journeys and perspectives on the challenges and rewards of the startup hustle. In conversation with Shoba Girish.

Sadhana Balaji
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Meet the 40 founders pioneering the experimental spirit of the SaaSBoomi Vanguard Circle

The Vanguard Circle is a corpus to support our most audacious initiatives and at the same time keep the India SaaS movement stable. Scaled founders pioneer the SaaSBoomi Vanguard Circle.

Avinash Raghava
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Where minnows get to swim with big fish in GenAI waters

New capabilities and opportunities, disruptions and risks, we bring you insights and experiences from GenAI experts and first movers into to help you understand what’s changing and reimagine your road ahead.

Sumit Chakraberty
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How Product-market fit changes between India and the US?

Entrepreneurs find themselves looking at a very different market when they decide to go from India to the US. The path to PMF is poles apart in the two geographies. As are the market, customers, and sales cycles. Three founders who have gone through the motions talk about key strategies that help. The larger India-US startup corridor that exists is an ecosystem founders can turn to and learn from.

Raviteja Dodda, Rohit Choudhary & Mohit Garg
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How can companies in the Middle East harness the next wave in business software?

The SaaS market continues to grow in the Middle East region. The driving force for organizations to adopt the on-demand model is that it lets them access software and applications in the cloud, helping to save on infrastructure spending. TechBridge initiative will meet the dynamic needs of the GCC market.


Going Global: GTM Strategy & Competitive Advantage

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Aastha Sharma

Founder & Director, Veris

Tactical takeaways and go-to-market lessons from Founders who have tread remarkable paths.