AI Bootcamp 2024

Twist, Turn, and Thrive with AI

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Are you a startup founder thinking deeply about how to navigate the brave new world of AI?

AI is a transformational platform shift that opens up unprecedented opportunities but also grave challenges.
What would you give to learn expert tactics and actionable insights from experienced AI founders and practitioners?

Don’t miss the SaaSBoomi AI Bootcamp – a two-day immersive experience powered by Microsoft with:

  • Hands-on AI workshops by experts.
  • Insider playbooks by founders who’ve been in the AI trenches and are now winning globally.
  • Stories from fast-growing AI startups openly discussing what worked, what didn’t, and the path ahead.

Walk in with your questions and challenges and walk out with valuable knowledge, an informed opinion, and life-long friendships.




June 7th-9th, 2024

Applications closed

Workshop Partner for AI Bootcamp

Hands-on workshop-style sessions,
actionable insider playbooks, & stories from fast-growing
AI startups to pave the way for AI Unicorns of tomorrow.

What to expect

AI-Centric Product Innovation

Dive into sessions like “AI-native GTM—Scaling Your AI Startup” with Sanket (CEO, InVideo), and discover frameworks for integrating AI into your business with Chaitanya (CTO, Ozonetel). These sessions promise to equip you with practical strategies.

GTM 2.0 with AI

Unlock groundbreaking AI-first frameworks and playbooks to redefine your Go-To-Market strategy, making your startup not just competitive but a market leader.

Find your 2am AI Founder Friends

Join a community of 100 like-minded AI startup founders. Find your 2 AM buddies for peer-learning, collaboration and support.


AI Bootcamp ❤️ SaaSBoomi


Amritanshu Jain

Co-founder & CEO, Simplismart

Anand Raman

Partner Director of Products [Azure AI & Search], Microsoft

Anshul Khandelwal

CTO & Co-founder, Invideo

Ashwathy Babu Pillai

Senior Counsel, Microsoft

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-founder, PipeCandy/Moative

Chaitanya Chokkareddy

CTO, Ozonetel

Nirant Kasliwal

ML Engineer, Qdrant

Rohit Agarwal

Co-founder, Portkey

Sanket Shah

CEO & Co-founder Invideo

Shankar Maruwada

CEO & Co-founder, Ekstep

Shashank Kumar

Founder & Managing Director, RazorPay

Shruti Kapoor

Founder & CEO, Wingman

Sumanth Raghavendra

CEO & Co-founder,

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan

Managing Partner, Upekkha

Meet the Volunteers

Matthew John

Volunteers’s Council, SaaSBoomi

Mayank Nagpal

Founder & CEO, EPYC

Nivedha Venkatesh

Fellow, SaaSBoomi

Rajath KM

Volunteer, SaaSBoomi

Meet the facilitators

Abhi Ballabh

Co-Founder, ExtraEdge

Anupama Panchal

Co-Founder at

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy

Deepti Prasad

Co-Founder at Spyne

Kishore Natarajan

Co-Founder, HyperVerge

Pallav Nadhani


Pavan Thatha

Vice President at Radware

Rahul Mehta

CEO & Founder at FreshLearn

Sameera Vanekar

Co-Founder & COO, Pathfix

Shruti Kapoor

CEO, Wingman

Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

Co-founder, CTO at Fyle

Sridhar Ranganathan

Co-Founder and CEO, B2Brain

Subhendu Panigrahi

CEO & Co-Founder at Skillenza

Sudheer Bandaru

CEO & CTO at

Umesh Bhutoria

Founder & CEO, Xempla

Vengat Krishnaraj

CEO, Klenty

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