M&A Helpline

A Saarthi-service for founders on M&A transactions


Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of M&A?

You’re not alone. As a SaaS founder, navigating the exciting yet intricate world of mergers and acquisitions can be a daunting task.

That’s where the SaaSBoomi’s Founder’s M&A Helpline comes in! We’re here to act as your sounding board and connect you with mentors (Saarthis) who have seen the M&A situation in multiple scenarios and from different vantage points.

As a part of the program, you can expect personalized guidance on situations ranging from evaluating the nature of interest to demystifying the options and stakeholders involved in the process to determining the valuation and structuring of the deal.

Like many SaaSBoomi initiatives, this program is keeping in line with SaaSBoomi’s pay-it-forward ethos where our Saarthis will support you as a trusted advisor without any commercial interest.

Why M&A Helpline?

The M&A process is not ‘business as usual’, and founders often have no context or exposure to it until they find themselves in the middle of it. Moreover, we often see that not all founders have access to someone who can handhold them in this context. It is hard to freely seek advice in an open network and that’s where a Saarthi can come in as your trusted advisor.

We understand the sensitivity around the M&A process, hence all your conversations with our Saarthi will be governed by an NDA and will not be disclosed outside. At the same time, it is important to note that a Saarthi is not a replacement for a banker, lawyer, tax advisor, or any other professional. 

The M&A Helpline is an on-demand and personalized mentoring initiative for SaaS founders in an active M&A situation. The objective of the program is to maximize the outcomes or the enterprise value that the startup can create as a part of M&A activity.

How can founders connect with us?

Step #1

Fill an Expression of Interest (EOI) form explaining the reason for your interest and your current situation (Apply here)

Step #2

Review the terms and conditions for the program and share your acceptance (Read the Terms & Conditions here)

Step #3

Get matched with a Saarthi who has been selected based on your specific M&A situation

Step #4

Engage with the Saarthi in a 1:1 setting and benefit from their guidance while maintaining complete confidentiality through a mutual NDA

Latest Webinar on Demystifying M&A

A Survival Guide for SaaS Founders

Whether you’re just starting to consider an exit strategy or actively exploring M&A options, this webinar provides you with a good understanding of the process and empowers you to make informed decisions.

  • The M&A journey for SaaS companies: Our experts shared their insights on navigating the M&A journey for SaaS founders.
  • Knowing your options: Diving into the different types of M&A blind spots and how to choose the right path for your business goals.
  • Negotiating for success: Uncovering valuable tips on negotiating favourable terms and maximizing the value of your company.
  • Q&A session: Our panel of M&A experts answers all your questions.

If you’ve missed the live event, head over to our Community to catch the replay there.

Meet the Saarthis

Ankit Oberoi

CEO, AdPushup

Shruti Kapoor

CEO, Wingman

Vinod Muthukrishnan

EVP, Uniphore

Meet the Volunteers

Anubhav Arora

Product Partner Strategy, Salesforce



How does the helpline work?

The helpline is designed as a sounding board for the founder as they navigate through the M&A process which can often be lonely, disorienting and stressful. The helpline is purely on-demand and personalized to the needs of the situation. Once our team determines that you are a good candidate for the M&A helpline you will be assigned a Saarthi that is best positioned to help you.

Who are the Saarthis?

Our Saarthis are founders who have seen the M&A situation in multiple scenarios and from different vantage points. Each Saarthi has been picked based on the M&A situation of the founder and who have been in the founder’s shoes in a similar situation before, so you can trust them to be mindful of the confidentiality.

What type of support will be provided through the M&A Helpline?

The M&A Helpline will provide guidance on:
  • · Evaluating the nature of interest
  • · Multi-threading M&A conversations
  • · Helping founders understand their options during the process
  • · Understanding & negotiating the LoI
  • · Running the Due Diligence process
  • · Communication with different stakeholders – employees, investors, customers
  • · Valuation & structuring, e.g. escrow and valuing the equity/ESOPs

What type of support will NOT be provided through the M&A Helpline?

The M&A Helpline will not provide:
  • · Legal advice
  • · Tax & Compliance advice
  • · Matchmaking with potential buyers
  • · Interfacing with the potential acquirer

Who can apply to the M&A Helpline?

If you meet 1 or more of the following:
  • · Received an inbound interest from a buyer that you want to explore further
  • · Are in serious conversations with 1 or more potential acquirers
  • · Have received an LoI

How do you ensure confidentiality of my situation?

We understand the importance of confidentiality in a M&A situation. Hence, our Saarthis and the founders involved in the process will sign an NDA at the beginning of the process. However, all information shared by you is at your own discretion and risk. You are not compelled to share any information with the Saarthi.

What’s the structure of the program?

This is designed purely as an on-demand, 1:1 program. Just like an M&A process which often takes many shapes, forms, timelines and dynamics – our M&A Helpline is designed to work in tandem with the needs of your M&A situation.

What are the expectations from the participants?

We encourage you to be candid with your Saarthi so he/she can do the best in providing feedback that’s appropriate to your situation. During the transaction there will be phases where you might be interacting with your Saarthi multiple times a day, and then long gaps as things get into more tactical/operational rhythm. We encourage you to treat the M&A Helpline as an open line without obligations for a set cadence.

Can I choose my M&A Saarthi?

No. The Saarthi will be assigned to you based on who is best placed to help with your situation at that point in time.

Will I not need an investment banker if I enroll for the M&A Helpline?

Investment Bankers serve many purposes during the M&A process – creating demand, pre-vetting DueD documents, assisting with the transaction process, negotiating with the buyer. The M&A Helpline will not serve these functions. The Helpline is meant purely as a sounding board for the founder during the process.

What’s the cost of the M&A Helpline?

Like many SaaSBoomi initiatives this is in keeping with SaaSBoomi’s pay-it-forward ethos. We hope someday you will payback to the community and keep the cycle of positive karma going.

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