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Celebrating Progress: SaaSBoomi’s Annual Report Unveiled

Unveiling the Annual Report that presents a snapshot of the impact SaaSBoomi had made in the year ’23-’24.

Neha Arya
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A call to recommit to our original goal of giving back

When we started SaaSBoomi, we were a scrappy bunch of SaaS founders, united by a shared passion for building something incredible.

Arvind Parthiban
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The aura of vulnerability that sets SaaSBoomi apart: an insider’s take

SaaSBoomi taught me four years ago that in an extreme solo sport like entrepreneurship, you can grow together, helping each other.

Matthew John
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SaasBoomi 2024 Chennai – What I learnt and discovered

Here’s what I learnt and discovered at the SaasBoomi Annual 24 event in Chennai, India.

Karthik Chidambaram
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Snapshots of the Annual ’24

We’ve just wrapped the Annual ’24 and here’s ‘on-paper’ version of my notes from all the sessions that unfolded during the 2-day annual SaaS conference.

Millusha Fernandes
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Igniting our AI future – Meet the Winners of SaaSBoomi Awards 2023

Announcing the SaaSBoomi Awards 2023 who have emblazoned glorious paths of success and recognition and now join a pantheon of past winners who have emerged as global leaders.

Sumanth Raghavendra
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How to make the most of the Annual ‘24 

You’ve likely caught drift of the buzz surrounding SaaSBoomi Annual ‘24. This is our biggest, most ambitious SaaS conference yet. And we’ve been keeping things under wraps for a while. Here are the details

Millusha Fernandes
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The story of Qafila: From idea to impact

My story with Qafila kicked off with a pretty casual chat. I’m Aastha Sharma, co-founder of Veris & a passionate SaaSBoomi volunteer. I was brainstorming how to dip our toes into the Middle East, a region that was popping up on our radar; thanks to some early interest.

Aastha Sharma
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Meet the 40+ founders pioneering the experimental spirit of the SaaSBoomi Vanguard Circle

The Vanguard Circle is a corpus to support our most audacious initiatives and at the same time keep the India SaaS movement stable. Scaled founders pioneer the SaaSBoomi Vanguard Circle.

Avinash Raghava