Playbook Roundtables

Practitioner’s insights from the trenches


SaaSBoomi’s Playbook Round Tables are crafted to unite seasoned mentors with 12-15 ambitious founders. Each session zooms in on a specific, super-relevant topic, keeping everyone hooked and learning at their best. It’s your ticket to not just knowledge, but an engaged, supportive community. Seize your seat at the table!

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How does it work?

Connect with Startup Buddies

We shortlist  10-12 startups that fit the bill. Our groups are kept small to ensure relevance and topic depth.

Get Real Strategies

Our mentors open up their playbooks to share practical tactics in a 3-4 hour workshop. Real solutions to real challenges – we want to arm you with insights you can use right away.

Connect. Learn. Grow

Take the conversations async after the workshop with your new micro-community. You can reach out to your mentor or peers for questions – at any time. 

What to expect at a Roundtable?

Hands-on Insights

Discover actionable insights in our closed-door workshop. Mentors share tried and tested strategies from their playbook that they’ve used to tackle similar challenges. 

Curated Deep Dives

Join a small and select group of 10-12 founders. Your journey is shared with like-minded members –  peer-to-peer learning where everyone helps each other out.

Micro-Community Connections

Join small groups where you can ask questions anytime. Your startup pals and mentors are just a message away for long-term support and sustained growth.

Meet the mentors

Abhishek Ballabh

Co-Founder, ExtraaEdge

Abhishek Nayak

CEO & Co-Founder, Appsmith

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Ashok Gudibandla


Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy

Deepak Dhanak

CEO & Co-Founder,

Dhruvil Sanghvi

CEO, LogiNext

Dinesh Agarwal

Founder, Recurpost

Girish Redekar

Ex Co-Founder, Recruiterbox and Co-Founder,,

Kalyan Varma

Co-founder & CEO, Almabase

Kishore Natarajan

Co-Founder, HyperVerge

Lalit Bhise

CEO & Founder, Bizom

Manoj Agarwal

Co-Founder, DevRev

Pallav Nadhani


Rakesh Patel

CEO, UpperInc

Sreedhar Peddineni

Co-Founder, GTM Buddy & Gainsight

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

Swathanth Rajasekaran

Partner, Ernst & Young

Tanmaya Jain

CEO, Infeedo

Tarun Sobhani

CEO & Co-Founder, SingleInterface

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

Varun Sriram

Partner, JSA

Vengat Krishnaraj

CEO, Klenty

Vivek Khandelwal

Founder, iZooto

Meet the Team

Aastha Sharma

Founder & Director, Veris

Abhi Ballabh

Co-Founder, ExtraEdge

Amardeep Singh

Founder, Vizard

Amrutha Jalihal

Senior Manager – Community & Initiatives, SaaSBoomi

Ankit Dudhwewala

Co-Founder, CallHippo

Gaurav Nagani

CEO, Desku

Harshal Katre

Founder, ProfitBooks

Maansi Sanghi

Director of Marketing, iMocha

Matthew John

Volunteer & Consultant, SaaSBoomi

Neeraj Singal

Co-founder & CEO, Tagbox

Paras Garg

Founder and CEO, Zoconut

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Managing Partner, Upekkha

Sameera Vanekar

Co-Founder & COO, Pathfix

Samit Arora

Founder, Sales Panda

Shreya Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Selfbest

Siddharth Shah

Co-founder & CEO, Dreamcast

Suhasini Dudhwewala

Co-founder & CFO, Appitsimple Infotek

Vishal Virani

CEO, DhiWise

Vishalini Paliwal

Founder, Zipy

Past Sessions Playbook Roundtables

Highlights from 9 Cities, 14 Playbooks & counting…

Jawahar Kanjilal

Founder & CEO,
SaaSBoomi’s Playbook Roundtable was a very enriching experience for me. The insights gained and the in-depth dive into discussing the 1M journey made a difference in my mindset. The well-executed format and diverse discussions make it a must-attend for anyone in the SaaS space.

Prashant Shringarpure

Co-founder & CEO, PeopleBlox
The Playbook Roundtable by Abhishek Ballabh in Pune was a game-changer. His superb teaching, coupled with real-world examples, delivered highly relevant content for founders. Despite fewer participants, SaaSBoomi’s seamless organization made it a valuable experience. I’m truly grateful to be a part of this community
What’s next on the horizon?
Head over to our community to find out more. Explore the latest schedule and secure your spot in the next wave of exciting roundtable sessions. See you in the next one.

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