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    Yasasree Nerayanuri

    Vice President - Customer Marketing , Sprinklr


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    Arvind Parthiban

    Co-founder & CEO , SuperOps.ai
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    Varun Shoor

    Founder & ex CEO , Kayako

Yasasree Nerayanuri is the Vice President – Customer Marketing at Sprinklr. She used to be the Director of Customer Marketing & Community at Freshworks before joining Sprinklr.

In this episode Arvind Parthiban and Varun Shoor explores in depth various aspects of Customer Marketing with Yasasree. Tune in! 👇

Key take aways

2:00 Genesis of customer marketing function

5:00 Scaling beyond $10M ARR

6:14 Marketing org structure evolution at Freshworks

8:48 How to measure and attribute NRR?

12:52 Org structure at Sprinklr v/s Freshworks

15:17 Making the best RoI from networking dinner events

16:41 Difference between community marketing and customer marketing

23:12 KPI for customer marketing

26:41 Customer communities

30:58 Playbook to get ~500 event registrations in a month

32:56 Customer success and customer marketing in action

34:42 Overlaps in customer marketing & product marketing

37:37 Optimizing customer communication at scale

39:35 The need for brand voice

41:23 Overlap between customer marketing and brand marketing

41:43 Customer marketing for single product v/s multi product company

45:12 Microevents marketing

47:40 Customer marketing components

49:51 Pillars of Customer marketing

51:29 How to engage with your advocates

53:22 How do you know a customer is a champion?

55:07 CRM is not a tool, it’s a discipline

58:07 Advice to someone starting in customer marketing

58:58 One quality to look in hiring in customer marketing

Happy watching!

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