BTS Marketing S1 E8

Customer Marketing: A New Frontier in SaaS Marketing

28 Jul 2022

Yasasree Nerayanuri is the Vice President ‚Äď Customer Marketing at Sprinklr. She used to be the Director of Customer Marketing & Community at Freshworks before joining Sprinklr.

In this episode Arvind Parthiban and Varun Shoor explores in depth various aspects of Customer Marketing with Yasasree. Tune in! ūüĎá

About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Yasasree Nerayanuri

Vice President - Customer Marketing , Sprinklr
Key Takeaways

Key take aways

2:00 Genesis of customer marketing function

5:00 Scaling beyond $10M ARR

6:14 Marketing org structure evolution at Freshworks

8:48 How to measure and attribute NRR?

12:52 Org structure at Sprinklr v/s Freshworks

15:17 Making the best RoI from networking dinner events

16:41 Difference between community marketing and customer marketing

23:12 KPI for customer marketing

26:41 Customer communities

30:58 Playbook to get ~500 event registrations in a month

32:56 Customer success and customer marketing in action

34:42 Overlaps in customer marketing & product marketing

37:37 Optimizing customer communication at scale

39:35 The need for brand voice

41:23 Overlap between customer marketing and brand marketing

41:43 Customer marketing for single product v/s multi product company

45:12 Microevents marketing

47:40 Customer marketing components

49:51 Pillars of Customer marketing

51:29 How to engage with your advocates

53:22 How do you know a customer is a champion?

55:07 CRM is not a tool, it’s a discipline

58:07 Advice to someone starting in customer marketing

58:58 One quality to look in hiring in customer marketing

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