BTS Marketing S1 E14

Getting SaaS pricing right – Part 1

30 Mar 2024

In this episode of the BTS podcast, our hosts Arvind and Varun introduce a new format of discussion to the show and decide to pick each other’s brains to go deeper into topics that are pertinent to founders and marketeers. 

They explore the various aspects of designing the perfect pricing plan for your business keeping in mind various aspects such as the product, the perceived value, the market segment, the industry and the buyer persona. 

Listen on as they explore pricing strategies of various companies who’ve done it right from the get-go and others who’ve got it right through trial and error, in effect showcasing how setting a pricing plan for your SaaS product may not always be the simplest or most straightforward exercise. 

Happy watching and listening! 

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About the host

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,
Key Takeaways

2:37 – MSP – Managed Service Provider

3:10 – Silent price hikes in the industry

5:33 – 4 levers of business

7:32 – Effective communication over Grandfathering

10:02 – Pricing game on point

11:09 – HubSpot-on pricing

14:03 – Unpredictable pricing design

16:17 – Don’t reinvent the pricing wheel that works

20:28 – Questions to ask before designing the pricing model

21:41 – Who’s doing the heavy lifting?

22:32 – Top 3 challenges faced by Indian Saas companies

24:54 – Perceived value of your product

28:55 – Are you selling based on the features of your product?

32:52 – Playing to the persona

36:45 – Common pricing mistakes in the Indian ecosystem

Key Mentions

3:30 – Ninjaone

7:37 – Netflix

11:44 – Intercom

12:04 – Hubspot

12:11 – Salesforce

12:13 – Pipedrive

17:10 – Girish Mathrubootham 

38:02 – Pipecandy 

38:19 – Wingman