Writing this book has been a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience. But I could never have done this alone.

I would like to first thank all the founders who are featured in this book. They embody the spirit of Pay It Forward and have generously given their time and shared their valuable experiences and lessons. They are inspiring entrepreneurs, who have worked hard to make their vision a reality. I am grateful for their generosity.

I am grateful to Avinash Raghava, community builder extraordinaire. He has been a source of immense help and support.

I would like to thank the entire SaaSBOOMi community, which is the “Sutradhar”. This community of SaaS founders is among the most welcoming and accepting. I am eternally grateful for the support, feedback and help I have received here.

About SaaSBOOMi

SaaSBOOMi is a community created by founders for founders to support the growing SaaS ecosystem in India and beyond. With over $2 billion in combined annual recurring revenue, 1000+ companies, including 10 Unicorns and many Soonicorns waiting in the wings, India is becoming a thriving ecosystem for SaaS companies and founders. This book is our latest initiative to support founders, those wishing to start up, and those who have started up, and give them a head start.