Traditional Sales Models don’t work in the US Market, says Jen Abel, Co-founder & Partner, JJellyfish

As part of the ongoing SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir 2021, Jen Abel, Co-founder & Partner, JJellyfish, walks us through a go to market strategy for early-stage founders looking to expand to the US.

Jen emphasizes repeatedly that the US market is completely different from the Indian market, so the right strategy can be the differentiator between a startup not getting much traction even after a couple of years and another reaching $1M within a year.

According to JJellyfish statistics,

  • 91% of early-stage sales in US are counterintuitive
  • 93% of international startups expanding into the US market don’t find traction

Jen says that the US market is so competitive that the initial marketing must be founder-led. You need to focus on high-conversion conversations to maximize ROI. And sales hires should be made only after validating that the sales process is repeatable.

Jen is joined by Saurabh Nangia, Co-founder, Mesh, and shares the challenges they faced when expanding into the US market. He agrees with Jen that the initial focus must be on the problem space to understand and define the pain points of your target customer. Watch this video with a paper and a pen by your side, and you might be able to come up with the right framework for your own GTM strategy for expanding into the US.

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Shweta Mishra

Independent consultant, i Tech creations
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