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Building an inbound marketing engine for your startup

Key takeaways from a learning session on building an inbound engine, to help startups build more resilient inbound marketing with effective strategies

Shreya Agarwal & Sugandh Parnami
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When should you first think about going global

Indian founders are on global journeys, and that means finding and perfecting product-market fit in different geographies. It is akin to navigating through different roads and cultural structures, physically and metaphorically. But before they begin to think of PMF, a more fundamental question is when to start planning for a new journey. Should it be […]

Rohit Choudhary
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Mastering the Art of Outbound Marketing: Effective strategies to break through the noise

Some of us think that Outbound marketing is dead and have given up on it. Many of us still do outbound marketing strategies but are not sure how to make it feel natural and not look like a spammy outreach. Even for me, as an inbound marketer at heart, I believe content is the King. […]

Priyadharshini Seevaratnam
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Resetting the playbook for US market

For SaaS companies targeting the US market, achieving $1 million in ARR is an important indicator of their product’s success. Founder Raviteja Dodda, whose company MoEngage hit that mark 24 months after entering the US, shares insights from his journey. He underscores that reestablishing PMF, learning from early customers, maintaining flexibility, and making strategic hires in the US market are key.

Raviteja Dodda
Blog Chapters - Kerala

Building Strategy with Wardley Maps for Product Development

At the recent Playbook Roundtables in Kochi, we unpacked Wardley Maps and how it can be useful for building strategies. Here are the highlights.

Sradha Suresh
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How product-market fit changes between India and the US

Entrepreneurs find themselves looking at a very different market when they decide to go from India to the US. The path to PMF is poles apart in the two geographies. As are the market, customers, and sales cycles. Three founders who have gone through the motions talk about key strategies that help. The larger India-US startup corridor that exists is an ecosystem founders can turn to and learn from.

Raviteja Dodda, Rohit Choudhary & Mohit Garg
Blog Chapters - Bengaluru

Getting to business market fit – the story

Hosted by Arvind Parthiban, Co-founder & CEO of, the event provided an intimate platform for visionary founders to dive deep into the startup’s remarkable journey and glean strategic insights applicable to their ventures.

Amey Yogesh Saraf
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Selling in the US: Why Market Discovery Matters

Before a founder starts the journey to achieve product-market fit, they need to build conviction in the market. The best way to achieve this is through constant interaction with stakeholders and fine-tuning the ideal customer profile. Simply put, market discovery is a way to find out whether or not the product you are trying to […]

Srikrishnan Ganesan
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Is marketing India’s Achilles’ heel?

India’s startup ecosystem has a marketing problem. Here’s how it can be fixed. Over the last decade, Indian entrepreneurs have done a phenomenal job of transforming the way India is seen by the tech world. While our engineering and technical prowess has never been in question, for a long time, we’ve been in the shadow […]

Arvind Parthiban