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Understanding the Fundamentals of Product Led Growth

The Product-Led Growth conference was an eye-opening exploration of the concepts that fuel business success through a Product-Led growth strategy. The conference was split into segments featuring industry experts and tech leaders that are driving success through Product-centric Go-To-Market methods. Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and Founder of Freshworks, was introduced to share his insights on “The […]

Aghosh Babu
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What B2B SaaS marketing can learn from the B2C world

With nearly 15 years of work experience straddling between developing and executing organizational projects, the true test came with one of the biggest transitions that occurred on my career timeline – the transition from B2C to B2B SaaS.  After spending 7 years in the ‘female-powered’ consumer-facing side of the beauty & lifestyle industry, many questioned […]

Aastha Sharma
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Zenoti’s secret sauces for expansion and scale

In the first part of this Founder’s Playbook, we looked at some of the hard choices Zenoti made to win in the US market and eventually become a category leader in enterprise SaaS for the wellness industry. One of the hardest calls was to keep its sales and product people focused on a specific vertical, […]

Sumit Chakraberty
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Sales <> Marketing: Let There Be Conflict

Lockdown, webinars, virtual meetings, and boredom by metrics. That’s what the last 56 days have been for me. Amid all this, I have also been enjoying solving jigsaw puzzles and getting acquainted with Peppa Pig and her family with my daughter, and not to forget adding the disinfectant to the water while mopping the floor! […]

Ramesh Ravishankar
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Navigate the choppy waters ahead with Rajesh Jain of Netcore

We’re heading into choppy waters. The BVP Nasdaq emerging cloud index, Emcloud, is down 56% in the last year, compared to 30% for Nasdaq overall. The median revenue growth rate for the companies in the index has dipped below 30%. The Accel 2022 Euroscape report paints an equally gloomy outlook. Revenue multiples for public SaaS […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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How to get your first 10 B2B customers in the US

When you sell software, especially SaaS software, the strategy to reach out to customers varies depending on several factors. But it is also true that the software world is now more competitive than ever. That, coupled with SaaS businesses going global, means that founders need to have a way to stand out, be more active in making the early (and big) sales, bring in advisor expertise, and constantly innovate. Three founders who have tread the path talk about what works, what doesn’t.

Raviteja Dodda, Sahil Aggarwal & Mohit Garg
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Consumerization of B2B Design

The fundamental law of economics dictates that the creation of similar products saturates the market. The producers would reduce the price to attract consumers and improve the business. There’s a need to stand out by creating differentiation. However, very few companies focus on design in creating a design as a USP and for a great […]

Vijay Saradhi
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What vertical SaaS unicorn CommerceIQ had to unlearn from horizontal SaaS playbook

“Whether you’re talking to other founders or looking up books and blogs, they teach you the wrong thing when it comes to vertical SaaS. They made me commit a lot of mistakes. Even investors are not able to give you the proper advice because they’re usually working on horizontal SaaS… We are now a billion-dollar-plus-valued […]

Sumit Chakraberty
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Moving to the US: Notes before you take off

There are two key lessons for SaaS founders moving to the US market. One is to treat it as a fresh start. The second is to revalidate their core market and customers. Getting customers and building a brand presence in the US will involve working with investors, executive search partners, and advisory boards.

Siddharth Sangwan