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Story of Building a billion-dollar bootstrapped startup

We all know the importance of solving customer pain points for product success but doing so in a B2B product is even more crucial. However, the devil lies in the detail.  Anybody can solve high-level problems but it’s those who target the nuances of the problem who succeed. And Saravana Kumar, Founder & CEO,, […]

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Building Products that Sell Themselves: Journey of Appointy from Bhopal to Boston

If Nemesh Singh, Founder & CEO, Appointy India, were given a time machine, he would want to go back 21 years, when he started his entrepreneurial journey, and change a couple of things. In this session for SaaSBoomi Annual 2021 OnAir, curated be Varun Shoor, Founder and CEO, Kayako, Nemesh shares how he has bootstrapped […]

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Ideas do not make successful companies, solutions do: Ritesh Arora, Co-founder & CEO, BrowserStack

It took Ritesh Arora and his long-time college friend Nakul Aggarwal 7 years and 25 ideas to stumble on the winner – BrowserStack. And that was when he realized that great ideas do not make great products or successful companies; it’s about solving your target customer’s problems.  In this session of SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir 2021, […]

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Southeast Asia Expansion Playbook for Founders Looking to Launch a New Geo

Once you have matured in the Indian market and things are running on autopilot, it’s time to look for growth levers in other geographies. But the question is which path should you take – look east to Southeast Asia or west towards the US? This is a question that plagues many founders and so we […]

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