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Why it is never too early to hire a marketer for your startup

The internet is rife with advice on when startups must hire their first marketer. “When you have too many ideas and need an expert filter”, “When you need to keep pace with your competitors” are some pieces of advice commonly given to startup founders who aren’t necessarily marketing specialists. Fair advice, but a little dated. […]

Arvind Parthiban
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How to create a hook through effective messaging and website design

Creating an effective website requires skill, and like any other, it can be learned. Unfortunately, in India, we don’t see a lot of this but it’s a fixable problem. This article delves deep into the guiding principles of creating an effective website and keeping the US consumer in mind.

SaaSBoomi Editorial Team
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How content marketing unlocked international expansion from Guwahati

When Vantage Circle started out 12 years ago, it got corporate clients for its employee engagement SaaS platform mostly by personal contact and word of mouth. Co-founder and CEO Partha Neog leveraged his 13-year prior corporate career, which included a stint as Product Management VP at a Naukri group company. The first big client he […]

Sumit Chakraberty
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Getting to business market fit – the story

Hosted by Arvind Parthiban, Co-founder & CEO of, the event provided an intimate platform for visionary founders to dive deep into the startup’s remarkable journey and glean strategic insights applicable to their ventures.

Amey Yogesh Saraf
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 The do’s and don’ts of cross-border GTM

Founders are on the move. Especially those building software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Over the years, we’ve seen several SaaS ideas take root and grow into large, valuable businesses. And we find that the one area all founders want to understand better is their go-to-market strategy.  At Lightspeed India’s Enterprise GTM social in Menlo Park, in partnership […]

Dev Khare
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Selling in the US: Why Market Discovery Matters

Before a founder starts the journey to achieve product-market fit, they need to build conviction in the market. The best way to achieve this is through constant interaction with stakeholders and fine-tuning the ideal customer profile. Simply put, market discovery is a way to find out whether or not the product you are trying to […]

Srikrishnan Ganesan
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Mastering the Art of Outbound Marketing: Effective strategies to break through the noise

Some of us think that Outbound marketing is dead and have given up on it. Many of us still do outbound marketing but are not sure how to make it feel natural and not look like a spammy outreach. Even for me, as an inbound marketer at heart, I believe content is the King. But […]

Priyadharshini Seevaratnam
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Re-thinking enterprise SaaS marketing | BTS E4 – Nivedha Sridhar, Facilio

Guest Background Nivedha Sridhar is a Director of Marketing at Facilio, which builds property operations software for large enterprises. They manage 60M sqft across 500 buildings and are headquartered in New York with offices in Dubai, Chennai, UK, Italy, and Australia. Previously Nivedha was a product marketer at Zoho. Evolution of Facilio org chart Facilio […]

Dhanyal Radha Gopi
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Have you cracked the SEO code yet

An old friend worked hard for years and launched his SaaS product. It was a high-quality product, so he got the initial few sign-ups. But, the business barely moved after that. It was almost as if his product was invisible. And to an extent, it was.  The product description on his website reads like this: […]

Rakesh Patel