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Navigating US Enterprise Sales with Dhruvil Sanghvi

SaaSBoomi recently hosted an offline Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in Ahmedabad on enterprise sales with Dhruvil Sanghvi, founder and CEO of LogiNext. The AMA focused on building a roadmap to navigate the competitive US landscape for small and medium-sized businesses.  1. The Cosmic Quest: Defining Your Target Universe The session kicked off with a […]

Suhasini Dudhwewala
Blog Marketing

 The do’s and don’ts of cross-border GTM

Founders are on the move. Especially those building software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Over the years, we’ve seen several SaaS ideas take root and grow into large, valuable businesses. And we find that the one area all founders want to understand better is their go-to-market strategy.  At Lightspeed India’s Enterprise GTM social in Menlo Park, in partnership […]

Dev Khare
Blog Growth

Zenoti’s secret sauces for expansion and scale

In the first part of this Founder’s Playbook, we looked at some of the hard choices Zenoti made to win in the US market and eventually become a category leader in enterprise SaaS for the wellness industry. One of the hardest calls was to keep its sales and product people focused on a specific vertical, […]

Sumit Chakraberty
Blog Marketing

Re-thinking enterprise SaaS marketing | BTS E4 – Nivedha Sridhar, Facilio

Guest Background Nivedha Sridhar is a Director of Marketing at Facilio, which builds property operations software for large enterprises. They manage 60M sqft across 500 buildings and are headquartered in New York with offices in Dubai, Chennai, UK, Italy, and Australia. Previously Nivedha was a product marketer at Zoho. Evolution of Facilio org chart Facilio […]

Dhanyal Radha Gopi
Blog Operations

The ultimate playbook for hiring after $2m ARR

Disprz raised a bridge round of funding in January this year to go to the next level of scaling its AI-powered learning management and upskilling platform for enterprises. This will bring new challenges in hiring and internationalization. But for CEO and co-founder Subramanian Viswanathan, the inflection point for hiring came between 2019 and 2020, when […]

Sumit Chakraberty
Blog Chapters - Delhi/Jaipur

What B2B SaaS marketing can learn from the B2C world

With nearly 15 years of work experience straddling between developing and executing organizational projects, the true test came with one of the biggest transitions that occurred on my career timeline – the transition from B2C to B2B SaaS.  After spending 7 years in the ‘female-powered’ consumer-facing side of the beauty & lifestyle industry, many questioned […]

Aastha Sharma
Blog Marketing

People are scared of revolution, not evolution, says Sudheer Koneru, Founder & CEO, Zenoti

Sudheer Koneru wanted to retire by the age of 40. Instead, he is building and leading India’s first beauty and wellness unicorn Zenoti.  The journey began with his hunt for software to manage administrative functions like payroll, finances, HR for his chain of seven spas. When he couldn’t find the right solution, he did the […]

Shweta Mishra
Blog Product

Serial entrepreneur Ankur Joshi on building a bootstrapped, sustainable and global SaaS startup

Ankur Joshi had a treasure chest of entrepreneurial experience to dip into when he decided to start up again in 2018. He had run three ventures, notably a QSR chain RushHrs, and a B2B e-commerce marketplace Blaez, and had held a senior role at Tapzo. But when he launched Nuclei, which has gone on to […]

Radhika P Nair
Blog Growth

AMA with Sakshi Tulsian: Growth strategies for your non-self-serve product

Users nowadays want to be self-educated about products, so that they can explore, understand, purchase and use the self-serve product on their own. However, some products require human assistance at one or more of these stages. POSist is a cloud-based restaurant technology platform that falls in this category. Sakshi Tulsian, together with her co-founder Ashish […]

Shweta Mishra