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Blog Chapters - Delhi/Jaipur

Effective marketing strategies for growth stage founders: Insights from SaaSBoomi’s Jaipur session

Decluttering the world of marketing with actionable tips for Growth stage founders to create effective marketing strategies.

Neeraj Singal & Shreya Sharma
Blog Chapters - Delhi/Jaipur

Building an inbound marketing engine for your startup

Key takeaways from a learning session on building an inbound engine, to help startups build more resilient inbound marketing with effective strategies

Shreya Agarwal & Sugandh Parnami
Blog Chapters - Delhi/Jaipur

What B2B SaaS marketing can learn from the B2C world

With nearly 15 years of work experience straddling between developing and executing organizational projects, the true test came with one of the biggest transitions that occurred on my career timeline – the transition from B2C to B2B SaaS.  After spending 7 years in the ‘female-powered’ consumer-facing side of the beauty & lifestyle industry, many questioned […]

Aastha Sharma


Aastha Sharma

Founder & Director, Veris

Smita Mishra

Founder and CEO, Fandoro

Neeraj Singal

Co-founder & CEO, Tagbox

Siddharth Shah

Co-founder & CEO, Dreamcast

Paras Garg

Founder and CEO, Zoconut

Shreya Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Selfbest

Samit Arora

Founder, Sales Panda

Amardeep Singh

Founder, Vizard