#SaaSBooMi Enterprise – A Guide to Demystify Hyperscale for Enterprise Software Startups

The second edition of the much-awaited Bootcamp for Indian Enterprise SaaS Startups is back this year scheduled for 30th August in Bangalore.

SaaSBoomi Enterprise is here and we couldn’t be more excited. SaaSBoomi Enterprise (earlier known as SaaSe) is a one-day, invite-only bootcamp for promising enterprise software businesses with $1M ARR, who aspire to reach the $25 M milestone in the next 2 to 3 years.

The bootcamp will continue to focus on decoding nitty-gritties of achieving hyper-growth and building category-leading SaaS companies. This year’s agenda has been specially curated to provide attendees with power-packed sessions with actionable learnings from some of the best SaaS minds in India.

We have seen plenty of instances when a budding startup post experiencing growth in the initial years start getting stagnant. Despite good rounds of funding, scaling their business into category-leading SaaS companies seems to be an esoteric goal for our Indian SaaS startups. Should you add more features? Should you hire more people? Or should you change your go-to-marketing strategy?… are some of the questions they continue to struggle with.

Well, we will hopefully provide you with answers to some of your questions at the event.

SaaSe is now #SaaSBoomi enterprise — Why the name change?

“There were two teams working individually on these events earlier, albeit towards the same goal. After taking into our account the overwhelmingly positive response to SaaSBoomi held earlier in Chennai this year and our growing community of SaaSpreneurs, we want to consolidate our efforts in building India as global SaaS leaders and be recognized under one aegis.”

Event theme

This year’s event is themed around ‘Demystifying Hyperscale,’ where we intend to help Indian SaaSpreneurs scale faster by providing them with a ready and practical reckoner with solid insights.

“SaaSBoomi is a unique, one-day intensive bootcamp brought to you by Indian SaaS founders, who have been there and done that, to help promising enterprise software startups demystify the next steps of achieving hyperscale.”

Epic Sessions

We believe we have what it takes to make India a global SaaS leader in the next couple of years. And, as a consortium formed by SaaSpreneurs, we want to help speed that up by providing detailed and practical reckoners to the next generation of SaaSpreneurs and help them navigate the entire value chain of building a company of scale. The intensive sessions will focus on three key aspects of achieving hyperscale — Understanding the Market, Getting the Sales Strategy Right and Ensuring Customer Success.

  • Understanding the Market: What is product-market fit? How do you find it? How do you go about it? These are some of the questions our speakers will dwell into during the session.
  • Sales Strategy: As part of this topic our speakers will deep-dive into the challenges of selling to enterprises and take attendees through strategies they adopted to crack this.
  • Ensuring Customer Success: Done right customer success could be the strongest pillar of growth. Understand what it takes to get this right — from onboarding, communication, nurturing, retention and advocacy to exit feedbacks.

While the sessions are a key feature of the event, we want to make sure all attendees get ample room to probe into minds of speakers — and their experience — for insights that can be applied to their own business model. It is also the reason why this Bootcamp is limited to 35 participants (more than one representative can attend from each participating company).

Last year we hosted the first edition of SaaSBoomi enterprise, where Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder and CEO Capillary Technologies, along with his key team members from sales provided all participants a rare, insider’s view into how Capillary went from $5 million to $50 million in revenues. In the last couple of years, Capillary perfected the art of mid-market enterprise sales and added $3 million to $4 million in revenue every year.

This feat was not without its challenges and it took Aneesh several hits and misses to finally arrive at a playbook for enterprise sales that they now follow. And believe it or not, true to the event’s spirit, Aneesh and his team opened up this playbook and shared their templates on market and sales strategy, customer success and more with all participants for them to adapt as per their requirements.

Startups who attended the event last year

Startups who attended the event last year.

One size doesn’t fit all. What worked for one startup doesn’t necessarily have to work for the other. While our speakers from established SaaS businesses are opening up their playbooks it is really up to the entrepreneurs how they mold these learnings in a way that works best for them.

The agenda is going to be out soon and we have room for only 35 startups. So, get in touch with us right away!

How to participate?

  • This event is primarily for enterprise startups with $1 Mn revenue
  • Get referred through an organizing team member of #SaaSBoomi Enterprise
  • Fill up the form here and mention who can refer you

The team behind the SaaSBoomi Enterprise edition

About the author

Avinash Raghava

Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBoomi
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