A call to arms – announcing SaaSBoomi’s AI Bootcamp 2024

November 30, 2022 – the day ChatGPT was launched. 

It feels like yesterday. 

And at the same time, it feels like a completely different age.

A single day cleaving the modern world into two halves – the time before AI and a time when AI is at the center of everything we do.

It is clear to everyone today that AI is unlike any other wave of technology disruption seen in the last couple of decades. From catchy pick-up lines to mission-critical presentations, generative AI has proven to be our closest ally who keeps on giving. 

And this is merely the beginning.

The shift in the startup world is a good indicator of the future to come. 

Every startup has become an AI-startup. 

Every VC has started their AI-fund. 

Every enterprise is carving out enormous budgets for AI research and spending. 

A recent McKinsey – SaaSBoomi study estimated that enterprise spending on GenAI is likely to hit $150-200 billion by 2027. Of this, $100-120 billion would be driven by reimagined workflows and about $60-70 billion by net new offerings. These kinds of market shifts owing to technology are unprecedented. All of the above are signs of a new cycle – of creative destruction and unprecedented opportunities. 

This new cycle requires all startups to go back to the drawing board, to start afresh exploring how they can use AI to bring in a step-function change in terms of value for their customers. Otherwise, they are likely to be disrupted. And new founders may have to start with the question – how am I going to ride the AI wave?

At SaaSBoomi, we spent most of our time in the last 12 months aligning our efforts to help our 4,000+ startups embrace and adapt AI for competitive advantage. 

And we are now excited to launch the biggest initiative dedicated to the brave new world of AI. 

Introducing SaaSBoomi AI Bootcamp

AI Bootcamp is a two-day immersive program for 100 early-stage AI startup founders. 

The boot camp is designed to help them in three ways:

  1. Learn to build and position your product with AI at the center.
  2. Unlock new ways to approach GTM with AI-first frameworks and playbooks.
  3. Go back home with an extended family of 100 founders – they would be your 2 AM buddies and you will need quite a few of them with you in the arduous journey ahead.

SaaSBoomi’s strength in programming has always been in structuring initiatives that enable deep learning and facilitate deep bonds within the community. We want to clearly play to that with the AI Bootcamp too.

The program will comprise of:

  1. Hands-on workshop-style sessions by experts from the AI universe
  2. Actionable insider playbooks shared by founders who’ve been in the AI trenches and are now winning their respective markets
  3. Stories from fast-growing AI startups with zero filters including what worked, what didn’t, and how they are navigating the journey ahead

The program is headed by Chaitanya Chokkareddy (CTO, Ozonetel), Sanket Shah (CEO, Invideo), and Sumanth Raghavendra (Co-founder, PresentationsAI) and we are currently curating the final set of mentors and speakers for the event.  

Nine years ago, 150+ founders convened for a 3-day PNGrowth Bootcamp at the Infosys campus in Mysore. This program was designed to help product founders at a time when we had very few SaaS startups in India. The program set the stage for peer learning and bonding for all those entrepreneurs in a way never seen before in the Indian startup ecosystem. Many of those startups are Unicorns today. We believe this boot camp will also pave the way for AI Unicorns of tomorrow. 

So if you are building an AI startup and if you think the program will benefit you, apply now. The event is scheduled in Bangalore from 7th to 9th June 2024`

About the author

Matthew John

Volunteer & Consultant, SaaSBoomi
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