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The UAE Playbook: A new frontier for India SaaS

Recently, I was in Dubai, a city that embodies ambition and innovation. My mission was twofold: meeting with Veris customers and advocating for SaaSBoomi’s initiative, Qafila. This initiative is designed to help Indian founders establish a base in the GCC. The trip was a whirlwind of insights and reflections.

Aastha Sharma
Blog Chapters - Delhi/Jaipur

Effective marketing strategies for growth stage founders: Insights from SaaSBoomi’s Jaipur session

Decluttering the world of marketing with actionable tips for Growth stage founders to create effective marketing strategies.

Neeraj Singal & Shreya Sharma
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80 AI startups, 3 days, and a whole lotta learning: My SaaSBoomi AI Bootcamp adventure

This wasn’t your average conference; it was an intense, three-day immersion into topics ranging from AI-native go-to-market strategies to tactics for building something truly groundbreaking.

Rajath KM
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How can companies in the Middle East harness the next wave in business software

The SaaS market continues to grow in the Middle East region. The driving force for organizations to adopt the on-demand model is that it lets them access software and applications in the cloud, helping to save on infrastructure spending. TechBridge initiative will meet the dynamic needs of the GCC market.

Blog Chapters - United States

SaaSBoomi: Parallel runway for SaaS entrepreneurs

This article was originally posted on Maneesh’s Substack. I first learnt the widespread spirit of volunteering among American public in 2001-02 when my business partner Robert Levine (ex-MD Deutsche Bank) warned me before joining me at SENA Systems that he will not be able to travel on Tuesdays unless it’s an emergency. He was an […]

Maneesh Bhandari 
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Amazing stories and startups from Bhopal, Indore, and Surat

I’m writing this piece from a beautiful café in Bhopal, amidst lush greenery, butterflies, and chirping sounds of birds. This café is very special as all the stuff here is organic, with the farm right next to it. It’s always a pleasure to receive hospitality in an emerging city. You get to meet interesting people […]

Avinash Raghava
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The AI apocalypse is coming – Are SaaS companies ready?

There is a storm brewing and it answers to the name ‘AI’. Are SaaS companies in general, and
Indian SaaS companies in particular, ready to face the Al apocalypse?

Sumanth Raghavendra
Blog Chapters - Kerala

Building Strategy with Wardley Maps for Product Development

At the recent Playbook Roundtables in Kochi, we unpacked Wardley Maps and how it can be useful for building strategies. Here are the highlights.

Sradha Suresh
Blog Chapters - Bengaluru

A call to arms – announcing SaaSBoomi’s AI Bootcamp 2024

Building in the Ai space? We’re introducing an AI Bootcamp program for 100 early-stage AI startup founders for peer-learning and bonding.

Matthew John