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SaaSBoomi Turns Five: Charting India’s $1 Trillion SaaS Aspiration by 2030

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary on November 24, 2023, it is an opportune moment to reminisce about SaaSBoomi’s journey hitherto and look at the future.

Suresh Sambandam
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Code, Cuisine, and a 100% Inbound Strategy 

‘In Her Shoes’ is our newest series where we attempt to bring the spotlight onto women who are killing it in the SaaS industry! We talked to Sakshi Tulsian about her leadership journey and insights that transcend the conventional entrepreneurial narrative.This is a tale not just of business acumen, but of fortitude and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Ramita Rajaa & Sumithra Gopalakrishnan
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This is electricity. There was a before and there’s an after.

After the spurt in cloud-driven SaaS from 2015, the software industry is undergoing another seismic shift with the capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI), fueled by billions of dollars invested in creating Large Language Models (LLMs). While companies like OpenAI building the infrastructure layer made AI the buzz this year, vast opportunities for innovators of all […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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How to think about building GenAI products: Reimagining Problem-Solving

Watching 100 million users adopt ChatGPT within a few months of launch has put undue pressure on SaaS founders to reinvent the wheel. We need to ask ourselves if what drives our business is the tech stack or the problem being solved. For most products, users don’t care about what tech stack is being used, […]

Nivedha Venkatesh
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Capillary Will Not Give Up

As Capillary turns 15, I am reminded of a story from my childhood. This story is over 2,000 years old but it resonates with me every day. When the water in the pond began to diminish, the frogs that lived in it had two choices. Stay in familiar waters and wait for the rain, or […]

Avinash Raghava
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India SaaS hangs tough amidst shocks in global markets

Macroeconomic shocks have roiled the business environment for SaaS over the past couple of years. Uncertainties altered customer demands and priorities, while fears of recession impacted the investment outlook. SaaS companies all over the world got caught up in this pincer movement. Amidst this turbulence, the Indian SaaS ecosystem has proved even more resilient than […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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Mastering the Art of Outbound Marketing: Effective strategies to break through the noise

Some of us think that Outbound marketing is dead and have given up on it. Many of us still do outbound marketing but are not sure how to make it feel natural and not look like a spammy outreach. Even for me, as an inbound marketer at heart, I believe content is the King. But […]

Priyadharshini Seevaratnam
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The hard choices Zenoti made to win in the US market

Zenoti, a SaaS unicorn in the beauty and wellness space, was called ManageMySpa eight years ago. Why manage only spas? Why not salons, fitness centers, et al? The choice of name was deliberate. Founder and CEO Sudheer Koneru wanted employees to be narrow-focused at the outset, instead of chasing every opportunity in the industry.  Then, […]

Sumit Chakraberty
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A 3-step playbook for founders from the SaaSBoomi SaaS report

Black Swan Bingo If Covid and the financial market reset weren’t enough, the run on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week was a sure sign that “Black Swan” events are no longer as unpredictable as one might have imagined a few years back. It almost seems that facing existential threats on a daily basis is […]

Manav Garg