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How Chat GPT works & a brief history of model architectures

Understanding how foundational models like GPT work. In particular, a dive into the intuition (and history) of the model architectures that underpin such models.

Rohil Bagga
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AI — A hammer looking for a nail?

Reading a recent post on the AI Apocalypse, Rushabh Mehta, shares his thoughts in response.

Rushabh Mehta
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AI startups emerge to plug security holes in GenAI apps

Every upside in tech has a downside too. We’re seeing this in cybersecurity, where AI is helping detect and thwart attacks. But cybercriminals are also using advancements in AI to launch more sophisticated attacks that are harder to detect and more dangerous. The rise of generative AI in 2023 coincided with a whopping 78% increase […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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A call to arms – announcing SaaSBoomi’s AI Bootcamp 2024

Building in the Ai space? We’re introducing an AI Bootcamp program for 100 early-stage AI startup founders for peer-learning and bonding.

Matthew John
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SaaS to AI.SaaS: A generational shift for India SaaS

A joint study conducted by McKinsey in partnership with SaaSBoomi had some eye-opening insights about the shift from SaaS to AI.SaaS and what the road ahead looks like. The session outlined what the AI.SaaS opportunity looks like – from the emerging trends, the implications for India SaaS, and how to approach building a scalable AI-first business. 

SaaSBoomi Editorial Team
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How Postman built, launched their Gen AI app, Postbot: A technical case study

By focusing on familiar products, prompt and workflow management, and effectively handling non-determinism, Postman has successfully implemented LLMs into production with Postbot.

Tarun Kumar Davuluri
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Steering a product through GenAI disruption

“We will be ready to sacrifice our product if required, because we have to consciously call out that we will be an innovative company.” – Amit Srivastava, CTO and co-founder, Constems-AI.

Sumit Chakraberty
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Where minnows get to swim with big fish in GenAI waters

New capabilities and opportunities, disruptions and risks, we bring you insights and experiences from GenAI experts and first movers into to help you understand what’s changing and reimagine your road ahead.

Sumit Chakraberty
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How to think about building GenAI products: Reimagining Problem-Solving

Watching 100 million users adopt ChatGPT within a few months of launch has put undue pressure on SaaS founders to reinvent the wheel. We need to ask ourselves if what drives our business is the tech stack or the problem being solved. For most products, users don’t care about what tech stack is being used, […]

Nivedha Venkatesh