Ideas do not make successful companies, solutions do: Ritesh Arora, Co-founder & CEO, BrowserStack

It took Ritesh Arora and his long-time college friend Nakul Aggarwal 7 years and 25 ideas to stumble on the winner – BrowserStack. And that was when he realized that great ideas do not make great products or successful companies; it’s about solving your target customer’s problems. 

In this session of SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir 2021, curated by Manav Garg, Founder, Eka, Ritesh talks about what their early failures taught them about building successful products. BrowserStack turned a SaaS unicorn recently and we all could learn a few things from Ritesh’s journey.

DevTools is a challenging domain because developers give your tool just one chance. They integrate it and see how it works. If all is good, they continue using the product, else they provide feedback and move on to the next tool that promises to solve their pain points.

BrowserStack was profitable from day 1, so they continued to be a bootstrapped company for a long time. They went for funding only when they needed to acquire smaller SaaS companies for growth and to retain quality content. Ritesh feels that if they had priced their launch product higher, they could have grown much faster and reached this milestone earlier.

Ritesh says that if he were to start all over again, he would challenge himself to achieve where he is now in 4 years rather than the 10 years it took, because it is achievable.  

Watch this video to find out why

  • Pricing right from the start is essential
  • You should think about scaling up from early days
  • Money should not be the factor deciding your roadmap
  • You need to hire right
  • Listening to the customers should be a priority

and be poised to be India’s next SaaS unicorn.

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Shweta Mishra

Independent consultant, i Tech creations
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