SaaSBoomi Annual 2024

Growth in the Age of AI

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1500+ SaaS founders, 100+ VCs, and enterprise CXOs gathered for 2 full days and a night of sharing tactical playbooks and forging bonds: SaaSBoomi Annual is a booster rocket for your startup.

  • Actionable advice in foundational areas like SEO, hiring, and compliance

  • Insights on scaling, such as reinventing the organization or building a generational company

  • Whiteboard sessions on hot new trends like AI-first products being built and taken to market from India

Designed and curated by scaled SaaS founders for SaaS founders from all stages of the startup journey.

Date & Venue

March 7 & 8,  2024 | Chennai

Growth in the Age of AI

SaaSBoomi Annual 2024 came at the cusp of a technological revolution that will be as transformative as electricity. The hyper-accelerated growth and adoption of GenAI over the past year is hurtling us into a new age where AI permeates every aspect of business and life. This is not hyperbole, it’s now real.

To be prepared is half the victory. SaaSBoomi Annual 2024 brought cutting-edge thinkers to help SaaS founders think about repositioning their startups to take advantage of new opportunities and ward off new disruptions. Growth in the age of AI was a guiding theme of the event.

At the same time, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the nitty-gritty of building and scaling SaaS businesses. Our tactical workshops and stage content are free from fluff. ‘For founders, by founders’ is more than a slogan to us; it’s the way we do things. 

Every piece of SaaSBoomi Annual 2024 was the outcome of four months of discussion and planning by scaled founders. Just like a good Indian thali, we kept a mix of sessions to cater to every stage of SaaS growth, from 0 to 1 and beyond.

Highlights from Annual ’24

The impact: by the numbers

Annual ’24 Tracks

Foundational track for all startups

Actionable advice in foundational areas like SEO, hiring, and compliance. Ideal for early startups with 0-2 MRR.

Curated track for scaling startups

Insights on scaling. Redesigning the org for growth, making orbit shifts from SMB to enterprise, honing your vertical GTM, and much more. Ideal for scaled startups with 2 million+ MRR.

AI track

Whiteboard sessions on hot new trends like AI-first products being built and taken to market from India.

All this and more, designed and curated by scaled SaaS founders for SaaS founders from all stages of the startup journey.

What to expect


2 full days of hard-won, ground-level, actionable insights from scaled founders and fast-rising stars. From fundamentals of company building to tactical lessons on shape-shifting with AI by real practitioners. 


SaaSBoomi Awards is the first and only startup awards program in India that is shaped and judged entirely by the community. It is designed to recognize exemplary startups that mirror a microcosm of the entire Indian SaaS industry. 

Industry Bridge

All about bridging innovators and buyers for mutual growth, this will bring industry leaders face-to-face with founders building enterprise SaaS products. This is a chance to get your foot in the door and also gain valuable product feedback.

Operator’s Playbook

For the first time, SaaSBoomi will have exclusive tracks for the next rung of leadership. Top operators from SaaS companies will share their expertise with peers here.

M&A Connect

M&A Clinic provides a 1:1 consultation opportunity for startup founders to interact with SaaSBoomi’s panel of M&A experts (founders with successful exits and M&A advisors). The program is designed for startups that perceive acquisition as an imminent exit option. 

VC Bridge

100+ VCs in attendance and curated face-to-face VC-founder meetings. Founders get to pitch directly to many leading investors.


Intimate networking sessions to facilitate knowledge-sharing among SaaS leaders who share common interests. The sessions will be designed for one-on-one interactions or small group discussions.

Exhibitor booths

Another first for SaaSBoomi, we will have booths that give founders opportunities to find customers, early adopters, or sounding boards. Live demonstrations, visual aids, and interactive elements will showcase the unique features, benefits, and value proposition of the product.


At the end of the day, you need a peer community, a friends’ circle, with whom you connect deeply and can share the ups and downs of life and your startup journey. So we will create a safe space and a conducive environment where founders build strong bonds.

Speakers for Annual ’24

Aneesh Reddy

Co-Founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies

Aniketh Jain

Co-founder, Fyno | Co founder, Solutions Infini (now Kaleyra)

Anirudh Singla

Founder & CEO, PepperContent

Ankit Oberoi

CEO, AdPushup

Anuja Dhawan

Co-Founder, Dubverse

Ashok Gudibandla


Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy

Avinash Godkhindi

MD & CEO, Zaggle

Ayush Shama

Co-Founder & CEO, AuraML

Baskar Subramaninan

Co-Founder and CEO, Amagi

Bhaskar Bhat

Managing Director, Titan Industries

Dharmesh Shah

Founder & CTO, HubSpot

Dhaval Thanki

Executive Vice President, LogiNext

Dheeraj Pandey

CEO, DevRev

Dhruvil Sanghvi

CEO, LogiNext

Girish Mathrubootham

Co-Founder and CEO, Freshworks

Harish Bahl

Founder & Chairman, Smile Group

Jimit Bagadiya

Co-Founder, SocialPilot

Kalyan Varma

Co-founder & CEO, Almabase

Khadim Batti

Co-Founder & CEO, Whatfix

Kiran Bikash Rana

GM Mid Market, HighRadius

Klass Oskam

CEO, DC Advisory India

Krishna Gopal Depura

Co-Founder, Mindtickle

Krishnakumar Natarajan

Co Founder Mela Ventures | earlier Co-Founder, Mindtree

Kunal Bajaj

Head of Capital Network, Blume Ventures

Kush Kumar

VP Enterprise Sales & Solution Engineering (North America & APAC), HighRadius

Lalit Bhise

CEO & Founder, Bizom

Mahesh Natrajan

Head of ECM, Nomura

Manav Garg

Founder & CEO, Eka Software

Manu Chopra

CEO, Karya

Neel Balar

Clueso, Co-Founder

Nipun Goel

President, IIFL

Nitin Mahajan

Founder & CEO, QuickAds

Noshir Kaka

Global Co-leader Tech Media & Telecom practice, McKinsey

Pallav Nadhani


Pallav Pradyumn Narang

Partner, CNK RK & Co

Prasanna Boni

Sr. VP. Products, Highradius

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Managing Partner, Upekkha

Prasanna Venkatesan

Co-founder, InSent

Prayank Swaroop

Partner, Accel

Preethy Padmanabhan

Senior Director of Platform & AI Marketing, Freshworks

Rajesh Jain

Founder, Netcore Cloud

Rakesh Patel

CEO, UpperInc

Ramesh Parthasarathy

SVP and Chief Architect, Freshworks

Rohit Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO, Portkey

Saikiran Krishnamurthy

Co-founder & CEO, xto10x Technologies

Samanyou Garg

Founder & CEO, WriteSonic

Sanket Shah

CEO, InVideo

Saravana Kumar


Sashi Narahari

Founder & CEO, Highradius
Shanmuga Anandaraman

Shanmuga Anandaraman

Director of Social Impact, Freshworks

Sharat Potharaju

Co-Founder and CEO, Uniqode

Shashank Bijapur

CEO, SpotDraft

Shashank Kumar

Founder, PushOwl

Shruti Kapoor

CEO, Wingman

Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

Co-founder & CTO, Fyle

Sneha Roy

Co-Founder & COO, Murf AI

Sowmya Rao

Director – Payments, Treez Inc

Sridhar Ramachandran

Partner, Grant Thornton

Sridhar Ranganathan

Co-Founder and CEO, B2Brain

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-Founder, Rocketlane

Srividhya Srinivasan

Co founder, Amagi Media Labs

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

Tarun Dua

Founder, E2E Networks Limited

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan

Managing Partner at Upekkha

Varun Sriram

Partner at JSA

Vivek Raghavan

Co-Founder, Sarvam

Yamini Bhat

Co-Founder, Vymo

Nishchit Dhanani

Founder and CEO, Firecamp
Annual ’24
What truly sets SaaSBoomi apart is its focus on practical wisdom, tailored specifically for the Indian SaaS landscape. This event is a beacon for anyone in the SaaS space looking to scale and innovate.

Avkash Kakdiya

Founder & CEO, iTechNotion Private Limited
Annual ’24
Connecting with like-minded individuals, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned veterans, provided a sense of camaraderie and mutual support that is rare to find. The conversations I had and the connections I made are assets I will carry forward in my professional journey.

Suresh V Shankar

Founder and CEO, Crayon Data
Annual ’24
From a small group of founders to Asia’s seminal event, SaaSBoomi Annual is now the benchmark event if you are any part of the SaaS community globally. It bridges the practical and the visionary, it is both down to earth and lofty, and remains simultaneously open and a safe space.

Raghav Chakravarthy

Co-founder, Walnut Knowledge Solutions
Annual ’24
SaaSBoomi Annual’24 is one conference I would like to come every year to understand the beat of the market, challenges that the industry is facing, opportunities that unravel, network with SaaS founders from across the country. Also well curated sessions has a whole bunch of insights one can garner going back inspired and renewed.

Annual ’24 Sponsors


Aastha Sharma

Founder & Director, Veris

Abhi Ballabh

Co-Founder, ExtraEdge

Aditya Tulsian

Co-Founder, Numberz (acq. by Chargebee)

Aishwarya Thilak

Manager, Global Talent Management, Freshworks

Amardeep Singh

Founder, Vizard

Amrutha Jalihal

Senior Manager – Community & Initiatives, SaaSBoomi

Anand Jain

Co-Founder at CleverTap

Anand Kumar Sengottaiyan

Founding Member, Dataflo

Anirudh Gopinath

Co-Founder, Zceppa

Anisha Malik

Co-Founder & CEO, SuperHire

Ankit Dudhwewala

Co-Founder, CallHippo

Ankit Oberoi

CEO, AdPushup

Arunraj Balasubramani

Head of Design at Rocketlane

Arvind Krishnan

CEO, Swym

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy

Avinash Raghava

Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBoomi

Dhanyal Radha Gopi

Consultant, SaaSBoomi

Dharma AR

Co-Founder & Director, Datalligence

Dhruvil Sanghvi

CEO, LogiNext

Dilip Ramadasan

Co-Founder, DataTwin

Disha Bhatia

Product Manager, OneCard

Georgie Paul

Creative Director, G Paul Creative

Hanuj Tilwani

Founder’s Office, DemandFarm

Harini Subramani

Founder, HS Law & Associates

Jayashree V Mohan

Marketing & Events Associate, SaaSBoomi

Keerthi Madhu

COO, SaaSBoomi

Kingston David

Senior Public Relations Manager, Freshworks

Kishore Natarajan

Co-Founder, HyperVerge

Krish Subramanian

Co-founder & CEO, Chargebee

Kush Dani

Marketing Manager, LogiNext

Maansi Sanghi

Director of Marketing, iMocha

Madhumitha Mani

People success, Chargebee

Malavika Velayanikal

Senior Director – Volunteer Community & Content Strategy, SaaSBoomi

Millusha Fernandes

Content Manager, SaaSBoomi

Nameer Khan

Director, Growth & GTM at Haptik

Neha Arya

Director of Culture & Scaled Founders Community, SaaSBoomi

Nivedha Venkatesh

Fellow, SaaSBoomi

Pallav Nadhani


Prajna Chandra Arikathota

Operations Manager, SaaSBoomi

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Managing Partner, Upekkha

Prashanth Ganesh

COO, PreSkale

Raghu Kashyap

CTO and Founder, Intentwise

Raghu Ramanathan

Co-Founder, QwikBus

Rajath KM

Co-Founder, Pillow

Rajeev Chari

Co-Founder, numberz

Ramya Chandrasekaran

Co-Founder & Director, Datalligence

Ranga Jagannath

Sr Director, Agora

Raviteja Dodda

Founder, MoEngage

Ridhi Singh

CEO and Founder, 91Ninjas

Rishi Raj Ahluwalia

Director of Solution Architecture & Customer Success, Agora

Shreya Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Selfbest

Shruti Kapoor

CEO, Wingman

Siddharth Shah

Co-founder & CEO, Dreamcast

Sparsh Gupta

Co-founder & CEO, Wingify

Sridhar Ranganathan

Co-Founder and CEO, B2Brain

Srinivasan Narayan

CEO & Co-Founder, Goodmeetings

Suba Shankar

Co-Founder, Booking Bee

Sumit Khandelwal

CEO & Co-Founder, Xoxoday

Surendran Balachandran

Director of Growth, Atlan

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

Swathi Dhamodharan

Associate, Trifecta Capital

Swetha Kannan

Employer Branding Lead, Kissflow

Tanisha Ganguli

Growth Marketing Analyst, HyperVerge

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

Varun Thirumalai

Lead – Digital Marketing & Brand Communications, SaaSBoomi

Venkatesh Radhakrishnan

Co-Founder & CEO, TykeVision Inc
Vinod Muthukrishnan

Vinod Muthukrishnan

EVP, Uniphore

Vishal Virani

CEO, DhiWise

Vivek Khandelwal

Founder, iZooto