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Why it is never too early to hire a marketer for your startup

The internet is rife with advice on when startups must hire their first marketer. “When you have too many ideas and need an expert filter”, “When you need to keep pace with your competitors” are some pieces of advice commonly given to startup founders who aren’t necessarily marketing specialists. Fair advice, but a little dated. […]

Arvind Parthiban
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How to create a hook through effective messaging and website design

Creating an effective website requires skill, and like any other, it can be learned. Unfortunately, in India, we don’t see a lot of this but it’s a fixable problem. This article delves deep into the guiding principles of creating an effective website and keeping the US consumer in mind.

SaaSBoomi Editorial Team
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The power of branding your business right

SaaS companies have been investing and reaping the rewards of good branding as they scale and expand.

Sahil Aggarwal
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Code, Cuisine, and a 100% Inbound Strategy 

‘In Her Shoes’ is our newest series where we attempt to bring the spotlight onto women who are killing it in the SaaS industry! We talked to Sakshi Tulsian about her leadership journey and insights that transcend the conventional entrepreneurial narrative.This is a tale not just of business acumen, but of fortitude and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Ramita Rajaa & Sumithra Gopalakrishnan
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 The do’s and don’ts of cross-border GTM

Founders are on the move. Especially those building software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Over the years, we’ve seen several SaaS ideas take root and grow into large, valuable businesses. And we find that the one area all founders want to understand better is their go-to-market strategy.  At Lightspeed India’s Enterprise GTM social in Menlo Park, in partnership […]

Dev Khare
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Demystifying RevOps, the Siva Rajamani way

Numbers in their absolute form are just meaningless digits. But, when sliced and diced with context, they can tell stories of growth, slowdown, success, misfires, efficiencies, challenges, and whatnot. Coming from a consulting background, Siva Rajamani is someone who has lived most of his career with numbers. He is currently the Co-founder and CEO of […]

Ganesh Narayan
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Making your product work while you are asleep – The PLG Way

As a product company owner, wouldn’t you want your product to be on its own and bring in customers and revenue eventually? Guess we would like to. You would be aware of one of the business methodologies for product companies, i.e., Product-led growth (PLG). To put it simply, we can imagine it  as a GTM […]

Balaji Krishnarajan
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What’s all the fluff about – A messaging masterclass by Vikram Bhaskaran

SETTING THE STAGE  It was Summer’s first break. She was skipping around her backyard with her puppy in tow when she stopped for a moment below the tree to look up at the beaming sun. That’s when a lemon hit her on the head. She chanced upon her Eureka moment and decided to make, well, […]

Shuvedha Subramaniam
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Is marketing India’s Achilles’ heel?

India’s startup ecosystem has a marketing problem. Here’s how it can be fixed. Over the last decade, Indian entrepreneurs have done a phenomenal job of transforming the way India is seen by the tech world. While our engineering and technical prowess has never been in question, for a long time, we’ve been in the shadow […]

Arvind Parthiban