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No Exit Wounds – A Primer for SaaS M & A in 2023

While these immortal lines from Charles Dickens can apply to many things at any age, they seem particularly apt for India SaaS in 2023. We are now at a liminal moment in time – a period of transformative transition. 2021 and the first half of 2022 were the halcyon days for Indian SaaS startups – […]

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Your journey into the US market starts here

In the winter of 2016, I decided to take a long flight. I could only check in two bags and one just had to be my cricket kit. With some amusement, I noted that all it took was one suitcase to pack the rest of my earthly possessions. I landed in the US, just the […]

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Caravan 2023: Your US GTM field trip

We’re back in the Bay Area with our second edition, and this time the 7-day trip will be even more tactical. How is ‘tactical’ even an advertisement you may ask; and the answer is simple. The world is full of stories of glory and get-rich hacks. All good ideas go to die in the battlefield […]

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Your competitor wants to acquire you. Now what?

A few weeks ago, a friend approached me. He was anxious and at a crossroads. A competitor had come in to acquire his company and the conversation seemed serious.  The story of this founder’s friend started three months ago when the competitor called him and asked if he would be open to being acquired. My […]

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