Annual ’23

Survive, Grow & Thrive

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Asia’s largest SaaS conference, for founders, by founders

Venue & Date

March 17-18, Leela Palace, Chennai


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1100+ founders and 80+ top VCs came together for two full days and a night of super-tactical knowledge-sharing and bonding. Here are some details of what went down at the Annual ‘23!’

The voice of attendee founders

Gautam B

Co-Founder & CTO,
I am overwhelmed by the experience of meeting over a thousand founders who share the same passions and vulnerabilities as me. It’s an indescribable feeling to connect with like-minded individuals and share our learnings with each other. The support and camaraderie in this community is simply heartwarming, and feel grateful to be a part of it.

Bhuvana Kumar Ramamurthy

CEO, Maventra Learning Solutions
What stood out the most about the event was the meticulous planning and execution by the organizers. Everything was orchestrated to perfection, leaving no room for any glitches or inconveniences. It was like watching a symphony come to life, with each component seamlessly fitting together to create a truly remarkable experience.

Suhasini Dudhwewala

Co-Founder & CEO, SoftwareSuggest
It is a must attend for any founder irrespective of the stage they are in. Whether it be meeting the OGS of the industry or networking with hundreds of others trying to make a mark. There is so much to learn- knowledge, execution, the art and beauty of being humble, the eagerness to share-teach- spread. You see the fire and energy around and it’s just unmatchable.

Dinesh Agarwal

Founder, RecurPost
SaaSBoomi helps you identify your next step forward. The speakers are your guides with a torch in their hands who have walked multiple paths. They tell you the paths that are simply a waste of time and effort and help you focus on the right things. I wish this event happened more frequently.

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Volunteers heading this event

Anirudh Gopinath

Co-Founder, Zceppa

Surendran Balachandran

Director of Growth, Atlan

Maansi Sanghi

Director of Marketing, iMocha

Ankit Dudhwewala

Co-Founder, CallHippo

Aastha Sharma

Founder & Director, Veris

Swetha Kannan

Employer Branding Lead, Kissflow

Arvind Parthiban

CEO & Co-Founder,

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-Founder, Rocketlane

Madhumitha Mani

People success, Chargebee

Sridhar Ranganathan

Co-Founder and CEO, B2Brain

Shruti Kapoor

CEO, Wingman

Raj Kumar Sheth

Founder & CEO, Stealth

Bharat Moro

Product Management Consultant, Freelancer

Vartika Bansal

Founder, Floik

Aditya Sanghi

CEO, Hotelogix

Vinod Muthukrishnan

Founder & CEO, Cloudcherry (acq by Cisco)

Ashwini Asokan

CEO & Founder, - Mad Street Den brands

Manav Garg

Founder & CEO, Eka Software

Abhi Ballabh

Co-Founder, ExtraEdge

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy

Vaibhav Jain

Co-Founder, Veris

Manasij Ganguli

Co-founder & CEO, Zapscale