Caravan ’23

Building a strong India-US SaaS corridor

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A 7 day trip where SaaS companies will open their playbooks on how to build and scale in the US

Venue & Date

8 – 15 Sep, Bay Area

Past editions

The India-US SaaS Story

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a meteoric rise in companies adopting SaaS as a business model. Indian SaaS companies are increasingly cementing their position in the global landscape, inspiring more founders to build for the world.

Though market valuations are cooling off, we believe that SaaS is a secular trend, and India has the potential to touch $1 trillion in market cap by 2030. The Indian SaaS playbook has come of age. Now is the time for us to accelerate our learning from global peers, starting with those in the biggest enterprise software market, the US.

The US GTM field trip has six tracks

Tactical learning workshop-style

The US GTM playbooks – from brand-building and selling to finding PMF and AI adoption, we have 20 hours devoted to tactical learning workshop-style on the 7-day Caravan. Deep-diving into relevant topics with experts and practitioners is one of the most valued SaaSBoomi activities.


VC Connect, M&A Connect, and Enterprise Connect aim to match-make founders and key stakeholders of the SaaS ecosystem. It could be a Fortune 500 company who wants to assess a participating founder’s product, or a VC partner or potential acquirer who aligns with the startup’s North Star.


Intimate networking sessions to facilitate knowledge-sharing among SaaS leaders who share common interests. The sessions will be designed for one-on-one interactions or small group discussions. The objectives are to foster learning, mentorship, partnership, and the exchange of strategies among participants.

Showcase/Group commerce

This aims to give founders opportunities to find their first customers, early adopters, or sounding boards, and get great feedback. It showcases a newly developed product or service from a startup. Live demonstrations, visual aids, and interactive elements demo the unique features, benefits, and value proposition of the product.

Inspiration & Thought Leadership

We are driven by stories. They move, inspire, and touch us in ways nothing else can. We’re organizing candid talks from leaders who have been there, done that. These will stay with founders through their entrepreneurship journeys. They will feature on the last day with a SaaSBoomi summit on the rise of India SaaS.


At the end of the day, you need a peer community, a friends’ circle, with whom you connect deeply and can share the ups and downs of life and your startup journey. So we will create a safe space and a conducive environment where founders build strong bonds. Cricket, golf, mixers, hikes, networking dinners – we’re planning a variety of fun activities.

Agenda (Subject to change)

8th September, Friday

Welcome Mixer

9th September, Saturday

Hands-on deep-dive sessions

10th September, Sunday

SaaSBoomi Premier League

11th September, Monday

Hands-on deep-dive sessions

12th September, Tuesday

Hands-on deep-dive sessions

13th September, Wednesday

Hands-on deep-dive sessions

14th September, Thursday

Hands-on deep-dive sessions

15th September, Friday

The Rise of India SaaS

Highlights from Caravan ’23

Thanmay Deekshit

Founder & CEO, SafetyConnect
Attended Caravan ’23
Caravan is nothing short of a pilgramage for (Indian) SaaS founders. Amazing learning, great company, and thought-provoking sessions.

Kanika Bhalla

Chief Growth Officer at Increff
Attended Caravan ’23
The personal growth and self-discovery that happened during this trip were beyond what I could have ever anticipated. The stories shared left an indelible mark on my heart. I feel like a part of this huge extended family, full of incredible supportive people who will be my reliable go-to for so many things forever.

Impact & Highlights

Speakers ’23

Aditya Kothadiya

Founder & CEO, Avoma

Anand Rajaraman

Founding Partner,

Ankit Oberoi

CEO, AdPushup

Anshuman Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO,

Anurag Wadehra

Growth Coach, Self-Employed

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Avinash Harsh

Co-Founder & CEO, WEAVR

Chandar Pattabhiram

Chief Marketing Officer, Coupa Software

Girish Mathrubootham

Co-Founder and CEO, Freshworks

Jacco Van Der Kooij

Founder, Winning By Design

Jaspreet Singh

Founder & CEO, Druva

Jyoti Bansal

CEO & Co-Founder, Harness,Traceable

Manasij Ganguli

Co-founder & CEO, Zapscale

Manisha Raisinghani

Founder, Sifthub

Manoj Agarwal

Co-founder, Xoxoday

Meetul Shah

GM, Data Cloud, Demandbase

Nickhil Jakatdar

CEO, GenePath Diagnostics

Nishant Malhotra

Managing Director at DC Advisory

Paul Brown

Principal, Explanatory

Rajat Monga

Ex-Head, Tensorflow

Rakesh Patel

CEO, UpperInc

Ravi Khatod

Founder & CEO, Ambient Security

Ron Bodkin

Co-founder & CEO, ChainML

Sailesh Ramakrishnan

Managing Director,

Soham Mazumdar

Co-founder, Rubrik.Currently In stealth mode

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-Founder, Rocketlane

Srinath Sridhar

Co-founder & CEO,

Varun Singh

President & Founder, Moveworks

Vinod Muthukrishnan

EVP, Uniphore


Avinash Harsh

Co-Founder & CEO, WEAVR

Malavika Velayanikal

Volunteers’ Council, SaaSBoomi

Matthew John

Volunteers’s Council, SaaSBoomi

Priya Ramachandran

Founding & Managing Partner, Foster Ventures

Sandeep Todi

CBO, Truly Financial

Shreesha Ramdas

CEO & Co-Founder, Strikedeck Medallia