Caravan ’24

A Trail of Learning to Build and Scale Your SaaS in the US

We’re thrilled to announce the third edition of Caravan ’24. Follow us on X and LinkedIn to stay updated on all the developments.

What is Caravan ’24?

Join us for a transformative 5-day conference, packed with exclusive SaaS-for-US sessions led by industry leaders.

This immersive experience in the US features curated roundtables where top SaaS practitioners from leading companies will share their insights and strategies for building and scaling successful startups in the US market.

Date & Venue

September 12-16, Bay Area

For SaaS Founders

Caravan ’24 is an immersive learning experience, exclusively designed for B2B SaaS founders and co-founders who can purchase their five-day founders pass (12-16 September, 2024), now available at super early bird prices.

For Guests

SaaS leaders and SaaSBoomi guests will have access to unfiltered talks by Silicon Valley titans, followed by an exclusive dinner and networking at Base Camp day (inaugural event on September 12, 2024).

VCs & Investors

VCs and investors are welcome to attend the Base Camp (inaugural event on 12th Sep, 2024) and Social (finale event on 16th Sep, 2024).

Past edition

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The India-US SaaS Story

India SaaS’ Third Tour of Silicon Valley

India is becoming a powerhouse in SaaS, with more companies gaining global recognition. We firmly believe that SaaS is no more a trend but a seismic shift, and India has the potential to touch $1 trillion in market cap by 2030.

The playbook for Indian SaaS has matured, and now, it’s time for a new chapter—one that’s written in collaboration with our global counterparts.

Enter the India-US SaaS Story- a journey that transcends borders, fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a hunger for knowledge. SaaSBoomi Caravan ‘24 is our third annual pilgrimage to Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation and opportunity.

This isn’t just a trip; it’s a transformative experience – a catalyst for growth, connection, and unparalleled insights.

What to expect

Agenda (Subject to change)

12th September, Thursday

13th September, Friday

Workshops and Sessions

14th September, Saturday

Workshops and Sessions

15th September, Sunday

Outdoor activities(Cricket, Golf, Hike)

16th September, Monday

VC Connect/Industry Connect/M&A connect followed by wrap up Social

Thanmay Deekshit

Founder & CEO, SafetyConnect
Attended Caravan ’23
Caravan is nothing short of a pilgrimage for (Indian) SaaS founders. Amazing learning, great company, and thought-provoking sessions.

Kanika Bhalla

Chief Growth Officer, Increff
Attended Caravan ’23
The personal growth and self-discovery that happened during this trip were beyond what I could have ever anticipated. The stories shared left an indelible mark on my heart. I feel like a part of this huge extended family, full of incredible supportive people who will be my reliable go-to for so many things forever.

Impact & Highlights of Last Year’s Edition

More Exciting Events in the Bay Area

Scaled Founder’s Growth Retreat
We’re also hosting a growth retreat for Scaled SaaS Founders with an ARR of USD 10 million or more. It offers exceptional content and frameworks for founders to navigate the challenges of scaling their SaaS business in the US market. It will focus on deep, peer-to-peer learning and valuable networking opportunities.
This a closed-door event. If you are interested in attending, please apply here.

Dates: September 6 – 8th, Bay Area


Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Kalyan Varma

Co-founder & CEO, Almabase

Keerthi Madhu

COO, SaaSBoomi

Manisha Raisinghani

Founder, Sifthub

Neha Arya

Director of Culture & Scaled Founders Community, SaaSBoomi

Priya Ramachandran

Founding & Managing Partner, Foster Ventures

Sandeep Todi

CBO, Truly Financial

Sathya Viswanathan

Product management, PlateIQ

Vinod Muthukrishnan

EVP, Uniphore