Southeast Asia Expansion Playbook for Founders Looking to Launch a New Geo

Once you have matured in the Indian market and things are running on autopilot, it’s time to look for growth levers in other geographies. But the question is which path should you take – look east to Southeast Asia or west towards the US? This is a question that plagues many founders and so we decided to curate a session on Southeast Asia expansion to ensure you understand the nuances. Because on the face of it, SEA doesn’t look much different to India, but each country there is different, and technical maturity is at least 4-5 years behind India.

In this session on early-stage playbook for Southeast Asia expansion, we bring to Raviteja Dodda, Founder & CEO, MoEngage, and Jayant Paleti, Co-founder, Darwinbox with their playbooks. Led by Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies, they dive deep into how they approached SEA journey.

Both Raviteja and Jayant had different reasons for choosing to go the SEA way, and hence they emphasize the importance of having your “why” sorted out before going into the expansion mode. A deep analysis of the market readiness, target segment, competitors and product maturity can help you reach the right decision.

Some of the things Reviteja and Jayant talk about:

Without further ado, dive in for an in-depth SEA expansion analysis and fine-tune your own playbook.

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Shweta Mishra

Independent consultant, i Tech creations
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