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Investors look at just two numbers – ARR and ARR growth, says Dave Kellogg

SaaS companies are growing faster than ever, spurred by the COVID-19-induced digital adoption globally. Amidst rapid growth, founders often find it hard to track growth correctly. The major bottleneck here is deciding on the right metrics to measure and devising the appropriate framework. Dave Kellogg, ex CEO Host Analytics, ex-SVP/GM of Salesforce Service Cloud, ex-CEO MarkLogic, […]

Shweta Mishra
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Demystifying the evaluation process

As an investor, what do we look for and how do we evaluate new SaaS opportunities? The Indian SaaS industry has seen tremendous growth over the past decade and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the multi-billion-dollar global opportunity leveraging its wide base of skilled engineering talent and capital efficiency in product development and […]

Aditya Gurunath Systla & Maneesh Menon
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ESOPs 101 : Know your stocks

The biggest challenge for a startup founder is hiring because your company is only as good as the people building it. Since the size of the teams at startups is relatively small, any addition to your talent pool can potentially drive growth in the company or simply disrupt it. But that isn’t entirely the challenge […]

Arvind Parthiban
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Fundraising for SaaS: The essentials

“SaaS has strong recurring revenue. SaaS has strong margins. Then why does SaaS need external money to grow?” My dad asked me this when I was doing my first fundraise. While I know the answer I still have not been able to convince him (baap hai mera!). Fundraising is a part of any fast-growth SaaS […]

Rohit Chennamaneni