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AI — A hammer looking for a nail?

Reading a recent post on the AI Apocalypse, Rushabh Mehta, shares his thoughts in response.

Rushabh Mehta
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The AI apocalypse is coming – Are SaaS companies ready?

There is a storm brewing and it answers to the name ‘AI’. Are SaaS companies in general, and
Indian SaaS companies in particular, ready to face the Al apocalypse?

Sumanth Raghavendra
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SaaS to AI.SaaS: A generational shift for India SaaS

A joint study conducted by McKinsey in partnership with SaaSBoomi had some eye-opening insights about the shift from SaaS to AI.SaaS and what the road ahead looks like. The session outlined what the AI.SaaS opportunity looks like – from the emerging trends, the implications for India SaaS, and how to approach building a scalable AI-first business. 

SaaSBoomi Editorial Team
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Can AI take the pain out of dentistry?

Computer vision brings self-driving cars to our mind. But an Indian startup Toothlens is using it to spot tiny cavities in teeth with nothing more than smartphone images to train its AI model.

Sumit Chakraberty
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How Postman built, launched their Gen AI app, Postbot: A technical case study

By focusing on familiar products, prompt and workflow management, and effectively handling non-determinism, Postman has successfully implemented LLMs into production with Postbot.

Tarun Kumar Davuluri
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SaasBoomi 2024 Chennai – What I learnt and discovered

Here’s what I learnt and discovered at the SaasBoomi Annual 24 event in Chennai, India.

Karthik Chidambaram
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Igniting our AI future – Meet the Winners of SaaSBoomi Awards 2023

Announcing the SaaSBoomi Awards 2023 who have emblazoned glorious paths of success and recognition and now join a pantheon of past winners who have emerged as global leaders.

Sumanth Raghavendra
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The story of Qafila: From idea to impact

My story with Qafila kicked off with a pretty casual chat. I’m Aastha Sharma, co-founder of Veris & a passionate SaaSBoomi volunteer. I was brainstorming how to dip our toes into the Middle East, a region that was popping up on our radar; thanks to some early interest.

Aastha Sharma

Freshworks: The deck has to tell a story

The power of storytelling is at the heart of this episode; as Girish emphasizes that a pitch deck should clearly articulate the problem the startup is trying to solve, how the solution will be executed, and why the team is well-equipped to win in the segment the firm operates in.