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From the gardens of Bangalore to the high-rises of SF: Our SaaSBoomi Caravan journey

I strapped into the seat and tightened the belt. The plane shuddered as it started to push back. It was going to be my first visit to the US, and I was alone. I had put the pieces together for an event at a venue I had never been to before, in a city I […]

Amrutha Jalihal
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SaaSBoomi: Parallel runway for SaaS entrepreneurs

This article was originally posted on Maneesh’s Substack. I first learnt the widespread spirit of volunteering among American public in 2001-02 when my business partner Robert Levine (ex-MD Deutsche Bank) warned me before joining me at SENA Systems that he will not be able to travel on Tuesdays unless it’s an emergency. He was an […]

Maneesh Bhandari 
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Caravan 2023: Your US GTM field trip

We’re back in the Bay Area with our second edition, and this time the 7-day trip will be even more tactical. How is ‘tactical’ even an advertisement you may ask; and the answer is simple. The world is full of stories of glory and get-rich hacks. All good ideas go to die in the battlefield […]

Vinod Muthukrishnan
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SaaSBoomi Annual ’23: A Ground Zero Report

As with everything, SaaSBoomi Annual 2023 preparations started for me around the end of November, with a call from Avinash asking if I’d like to volunteer to steer the logistics of the conference. None of us, including Avi, had the slightest sense that it was going to be a giant conference. From 350-odd participants in […]

Ashwin Ramasamy
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Breaking the 1000 barrier in attendees, SaaSBoomi Annual ’23 scores high in NPS too

As the dust settles and the echoes of the event fade away, it’s time to reflect on the Annual ‘23. This article aims to encapsulate the event’s key highlights, from the planning stages to the execution, showcasing the challenges, and the overall impact of this occasion. We had a total of 1,143 delegates that attended […]

Amrutha Jalihal
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Who made SaaSBoomi Annual ‘23 tick?

SaaSBoomi’s biggest event since its inception had 1143 attendees (final count); dozens of speakers for keynotes and panels; 150 plus investor-startup meetings; workshops; parties (and after-parties of course); curated bonding sessions like a women-in-Saas mixer – so much happening on parallel tracks, and all of it managed by two dozen volunteers. This was simply incredible. […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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The Countdown to SaaSBoomi Annual is on!

As the founder of Veris, a SaaS platform in the enterprise space, I have had the privilege of being a part of SaaSBoomi – a dynamic and rapidly growing community of SaaS entrepreneurs, managed by volunteers from across India, many of whom are founders themselves. A Gathering of Industry Experts Each year, the SaaSBoomi Annual […]

Aastha Sharma
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SaaSBoomi Awards 2022 – Third time’s a charm

We are delighted to announce the third edition of the SaaSBoomi Awards. The most striking aspect presaging this year’s announcement is how the context has drastically shifted year-over-year in these past three years. When we launched the inaugural version of the SaaSBoomi Awards in 2020, it was against the backdrop of the dark cloud of […]

Sumanth Raghavendra & Pallav Nadhani
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SaaSBoomi Caravan in Silicon Valley

A bounty of learnings emerged over the course of curated roundtables, a cricket match, some hiking, delicious food, and heart-to-heart chats with founders. These are my collected thoughts from the SaaSBoomi Caravan that rolled into the Valley. As my flight touched down in the US on September 14, I was excited. My last trip to […]

Avinash Raghava