Huge welcome to our new SaaS ecosystem partners

SaaSBoomi began with a dream of a Product Nation, shared by SaaS founders and investors. Our mission was to build up the SaaS ecosystem by helping founders learn from each other’s journeys across different stages. Thanks to tremendous support from like-minded ecosystem partners and a shared belief in catalyzing a pay-it-forward ethos, we have seen this community swell and thrive. The SaaS industry has exceeded growth expectations and our vision for India SaaS to reach a $1 trillion market cap is not so far-fetched any more.

With the expansion of the community, along with its events and initiatives, came the realization that we needed to bring more diversity to our partner support. Our longstanding partners have walked hand-in-hand with us every step of the way in scaling the community, not only with financial support but also with their knowledge, networks, and other resources. The deep connections our partners made with the community of SaaS founders have been heart-warming.

Each one of our partners believed in the India SaaS story and SaaSBoomi provided a milieu for them to work in concert towards common goals. 

Now we are proud to announce the expansion of our roster of partners to include others in the ecosystem who share our values and dedication to the mission. They may be of different sizes with varying strategies but every one of them has been an important contributor to the SaaS ecosystem. SaaSBO will give them greater scope to deepen their involvement and they will in turn help the community of SaaS founders grow with broader support.

We added a new Silver category to broaden the ecosystem partner support. We also have some new partners in the existing Platinum and Gold categories. Here’s a huge welcome to our new partners and many thanks to our longstanding ones for sticking by us!

Here is the full list of SaaSBoomi Ecosystem Partners for 2023-24:

Here is the full list of SaaSBOOMi Ecosystem Partners for 2023-24:

We believe we now have the right number and variety of partners at this stage of our growth. (Read the SaaSBoomi Origin Story).

The SaaS ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds. India had a record 6.7% share of new global unicorns in 2022, most of which are SaaS companies. 

Our community has been growing in equal measure or more. We planned for a doubling of the audience at this year’s SaaSBoomi Annual, for example, but ran out of seats long before the event. We had to reluctantly turn away many of our members even after squeezing in hundreds of extra seats to accommodate nearly 1200 attendees, mostly founders. A majority of them were new attendees swelling the number of regulars.

Our year-round activities have also been growing, from workshop-style playbook roundtables in multiple hubs to the high-impact SGx mentorship program and new international chapters in the Bay Area and Singapore. Our week-long US Caravan which we launched last year is ready to roll again this September, larger and more focused on helping founders with their US GTM. (Read Caravan ‘23: Your US GTM Field Trip)

To our partners, our assurance is that the super-tactical content at SaaSBoomi events and curated lists of SaaS founders for our various initiatives will give you more visibility and better connectivity than anywhere else. We will fully engage with all our partners in our events and initiatives all year round. And we look forward to co-creating some of these with you to tap into your knowledge, experience, networks, and other resources.

We will formally announce the names of continuing and new partners on July 27 in Bangalore at the presentation of the SaaSBoomi-Mckinsey report – India’s SaaS Revolution: Exploring global opportunities in a dynamic market. Register here to join us there.

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Malavika Velayanikal

Senior Director - Volunteer Community & Content Strategy, SaaSBoomi
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