Celebrating Progress: SaaSBoomi’s Annual Report Unveiled

I’m thrilled to be part of the SaaSBoomi crew as the Director of Culture and Scaled Founders Community. Jumping into the SaaS industry is like diving into a whole new world for me, but it’s been one that is fascinating and extremely inspiring! My forte has been community building and developing an emphatic and collaborative work culture and I look forward to doing that at SaaSBoomi, but honestly from what I have seen so far, more than 90% of my work in the latter part is already done. 

From the beginning, learning new things has always been the driving force for me, it inspires me to accomplish new challenges and take things head on and that may not always work in my favor. Two months into joining SaaSBoomi, a new company, and a completely new industry, Avi asks me to take on the task of compiling the annual report for 2023-24. The responsibility of conveying to everyone the magnitude of work that SaaSBoomi does with the driving force of their Governing Council, volunteers, eco-system partners, collaborators, and all the supporters in one document….oh boy!!

The task seemed daunting, to say the least, and that too with a 10-day deadline to compile the same. However, amidst the chaos, Matthew truly was a saviour by creating a framework with an explanatory video nonetheless, and that not only simplified the process but also streamlined our efforts toward showcasing SaaSBoomi’s remarkable journey over the past year. Nivedha and Avi provided reassurance on helping pave the way forward and giving insights on how to keep it simple and impactful.

Next came the job of creating a strict deadline to ensure we had enough time to piece together everything, get the language aligned to the SaaSBoomi way, collect pictures, get it proofread, and finally design. The only way this was possible was truly because of teamwork and the impact decks and reporting that had been collated on the website over the past year.

Instead of sifting through mountains of data, I could simply refer to these decks to gather relevant information and insights. Whether it was SGX, Annual, Qafila, Caravan, Playbook Roundtable, and so on, the impact decks provided a snapshot of the impact SaaSBoomi had made.

And the team was just unbelievable, I have never felt that a team has worked so well in sync with one another. Millusha helped compile all the photographs, Amrutha was my literal phone/ping/DM/message a friend for any gaps that I needed to fill. PC the ‘numbers man’ would magically pull out all his sheets and would share any details required. Before I could ask, Keerthi had the data ready for the year to come, and then we had Varun sweep in with his verbal virtuoso. Despite battling a sore throat and viral even before I was ready to hand the information to him, I could see that he had already started editing the document and giving his style to the report. And then we had Malavika add the final touch to the final draft by ensuring everything was aligned to the SaaSBoomi way, there were no gaps in the reporting, and giving the final edit, that too with barely any notice. 

Finally, Georgie, who is nothing short of a magician, infused the report with visually stunning elements that brought our story to life on every page and gave a full-bodied shape to the report.

I truly have even more respect and gratitude for every member and how everyone just seamlessly came together.

Thus, without further ado, SaaSBoomi is extremely proud to unveil the SaaSBoomi Annual Report 2023 – 2024.

About the author

Neha Arya

Director of Culture & Scaled Founders Community, SaaSBoomi
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