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How to bake speed, product thinking, and empathy into your startup – lessons from invideo AI’s culture strategy

invideo AI has put a lot into building a solid culture. How did they build it? What are the best practices and policies you could learn from?

Ancy Verghese
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Celebrating Progress: SaaSBoomi’s Annual Report Unveiled

Unveiling the Annual Report that presents a snapshot of the impact SaaSBoomi had made in the year ’23-’24.

Neha Arya
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Culture & connection: why offsites are the glue for remote teams to stick (and work) better together 

A few months ago, our team of 13 odd gathered in Bangalore at Vama Retreat. At this offsite, learning wasn’t confined to all things SaaS. It came from a deeper understanding about what fuels us as a team to spearhead towards a common goal.

Millusha Fernandes
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Introducing PULSE: As you are – an initiative to make the SaaS ecosystem more inclusive

SaaSBoomi, the world’s largest pay-it-forward SaaS community, today launches a new initiative to specifically address the problem of minority sections of founders feeling isolated and excluded. PULSE (Promoting Unity, Leadership, and a Stronger Ecosystem through diversity, equity, and inclusion) is a structured program to bring underrepresented founders into the fold, involve them in activities, and […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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Hit the Reset Button and Activate Survival Mode

When the bottom got unhinged during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 (GFC), a new framework saw the light of day, and the acronym VUCA rapidly gained currency to punctuate business conversations. And now, “we have a VUCA Playbook”, as Girish Mathrubootham, the Founder & CEO of Freshworks says during his tete-a- tete (read Outliers Podcast) with […]

Soumitra Dasgupta
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Why founders and startups need to mindfully shape their org culture from Day Zero

A group of people working together to assemble office furniture—a simple enough task, but when the group is the newly-forged team of a newly-launched startup, something as simple as putting together furniture gets infused with profound meaning. In fact, it can be the freshly sowed seeds of organisational culture—getting things done and not waiting around […]

Radhika P Nair