Announcing SaasBoomi Growth 2022

SaasBoomi Growth is one of the places I look up to stay abreast with what is critical for growth, what’s moving the needle around, what the leaders are doing, and how I can replicate that success. Last time’s SaasBoomi Growth was the first virtual conference for SaasBoomi, and since then it’s been a barrage of virtual events here and around.

Finally, it’s time to breathe in the fresh air and experience that thrill of being in a room together – Growth folks bouncing off each other’s passion to make India more SaaSy.

Folks, this year’s SaasBoomi Growth is happening by the shores!

We’re thrilled to announce the 2022 edition of SaasBoomi Growth – a two-day in-person event that will feature a host of workshops, teardowns, playbooks, case studies, and more, led by some of the incredible founders & leaders from the ecosystem. Nothing less than what you would expect!

For the uninitiated:

Why SaasBoomi Growth?

Growth is a multi-disciplinary effort that involves multiple teams collaborating including product, marketing, sales & success. After establishing the product-market fit & finding a repeatable sales motion/channel, growth becomes a powerful lever to help companies hit scale.

Building a growth engine often involves defining the right frameworks, betting on the right channels, setting up your growth stack, aligning the teams & building the operational framework to support growth.

SaasBoomi Growth is aimed at helping early-stage teams to unlock growth! Over the 2 days, founders & leaders, who’ve built & scaled incredible products, will share their knowledge & experience, in a format that’s easy to consume and build upon. 

Who should attend?

  • Early-stage and Growth stage Startups – up to $5Mn ARR
  • Founders, Growth Leaders in Sales, Marketing and Product functions
  • Anyone who’s looking to build a Growth flywheel at their startup

What can you learn?

Drawing from the experiences of founders & leaders, over the two days we will cover a bunch of topics including:

  • Creating ICPs & how can you translate that to growth
  • Building the marketing & sales motions that can power your growth
  • Positioning your product for a global audience
  • Leverage product-led-growth & how to accelerate the go-to-market motion
  • How to set up your growth stack

and a lot more…

How to participate/attend?

SaaSBoomi Growth is an application-based session. Applications are open right now.
Go ahead and apply here –

Below are some key dates: 

Early bird registrations end on 12th March
Registrations close by 31st March
Event on 25-26th April

Growth is a mindset – and hence we can create it – distribute it – and grow it. Let’s come together to grow together. In those endless discussions with your teams to get the strategy and execution right, you are not alone. Let’s leverage the power of compounding as we gather to celebrate Growth for our SaaS Products – Growth for a SaaS India.

See you there!

About the author

Kritika Swarup

Growth Marketing Lead, SignEasy
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