Announcing the SaaSBoomi Annual edition, 20-23rd April OnAir

It’s that time of the year again when the entire volunteer community starts meeting on a regular basis. After waiting and debating for the last few months, we are finally pleased to announce the OnAir version of the annual edition of the SaaSBoomi conference. 

Some of you might be aware that we were initially planning to do a hybrid version of the conference, where you would have had the option to attend the conference either from the comfort of your homes or physically in your city and network with your friends, etc. 

However, signs of worry started emerging as India’s daily COVID-19 cases went back to level 2, and so we decided to play it safe and continue with a virtual-only edition. Hopefully, we’d be able to organise a networking event for all the attendees in your city, once things go back to normal. 

So what can you expect from SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir?

We received feedback from many of our attendees from the past editions, that sitting in front of the computer the entire day was a bit tricky and listening to the speakers back-to-back was very tough. So this time, we are breaking up the entire conference into multiple days. 

So we start on the 20th of April with a supercharged keynote address and follow it up with a few workshops in the morning for about 2-3 hours. We follow the same format for 21st and 22nd April. On the 23rd, we will have a host of inspiring sessions from Founders and Leaders. After a short lunch break, we will continue with the VC 1-to-1 meetings. 

In essence, you’ll be consuming 15-16 hours worth of content, distributed across 4 days. Stay tuned to receive the final agenda. 

But here’s a sneak peek into some of the topics* that would get covered at the conference:

  • B2D: How to get to your first $100K ARR and then scale [workshop]
  • Global SMB: Pricing for profit and growth [workshop]
  • Enterprise: Marketing and selling large deals to global enterprise completely remotely [workshop]
  • Getting Unstuck: Going from sub-10% growth to 10Mn [workshop]
  • Horizontal: Tax, Cross border, Compliance [workshop]
  • Horizontal: 10K-100K – Getting ICP right by the time you get to 100K [workshop]
  • Vertical SaaS: Marketing for vertical SaaS [workshop]
  • Org Design for Growth [workshop] 
  • Shaping India’s SaaS Landscape – [SaaSBoomi – McKinsey Report launch]
  • Services -> SaaS transformation [Talk]
  • Success in SE Asia SaaS [Talk]
  • Getting out of India after the first $1Mn [Talk]
  • Adding a services moat after $500K [Talk]
  • Closing a $1Mn deal fully remotely [Talk]
  • Building products that sell themselves from Bhopal -> Boston [Talk]

I’d like to dive a bit deeper into two new, ambitious initiatives that we’ll be launching at SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir.

Over the last couple of months, we have been jointly working with McKinsey towards 

Shaping India’s SaaS landscape

We’ve prepared a research report on the opportunities for the SaaS landscape in India through two lenses: Microscopic (12-18 month view) and Telescopic (3-5 year view).

As a part of this study, we:

  • Benchmark the performance of Indian SaaS companies across 30+ key operational and financial metrics with their global peers
  • Discover key insights on the strengths and development areas for the Indian SaaS ecosystem

We will be leveraging McKinsey’s SaaSRadar database for this effort, which contains benchmarks on key growth, margin, and investment topics across 300+ pre-IPO SaaS companies globally.

The second initiative that I’m excited about is the SaaSBoomi Awards, where we’ll be recognising the most deserving Indian SaaS companies for their achievements. We’re grateful for the sheer number of nominations we’ve received from you, making it all the more difficult for our jury to pick the awardees. We are just as eager as you are to know about the winners.

Lead Without Barriers

We have taken it upon ourselves to make conscious efforts to drive diversity and equal representation of women in SaaS, for SaaSBoomi Annual OnAir. 

Our current objective is to secure at least 20% of participation by women in the event, and have women speakers in each session. This isn’t a quota per se, these targets are to hold ourselves accountable to find and promote SaaS leaders who are women.

We have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion team working on this project. This is a small step that we have taken towards creating more awareness and building a focussed outreach for empowering women in SaaS. Our ultimate goal is to achieve diversity across all spectrums and spheres of the SaaS ecosystem.

The Pay it Forward movement

The entire SaaSBOOMi platform is built on the philosophy of paying it forward. SaaSBoomi Annual is our flagship, exclusive, founder-centric event created by the country’s most successful SaaS leaders, who’ll also be transparently sharing their playbooks with the community.

A zero-fluff conference for SaaS founders, packed with deep-dive workshops and learnings. With close to 550+ attendees and an NPS score of 85+, SaaSBoomi 2020 proved to be a phenomenal hit. And this time, it is only going to get bigger and better.

SaaSBoomi 2021 will be a must-attend event for SaaS founders who want to join a thriving community of industry leaders for a two-day immersive and enriching learning experience.

We have close to 500+ founders in our Slack community and many of the topics are created based on the discussions out there…so we know exactly what you are looking for and where you need help. Save the date, stay tuned, and get ready to reimagine and co-create Asia’s largest SaaS conference with us.

If you are someone who is keen to help us with logistics or marketing, do reach out to us, we will try and take your help.

This is Avinash Raghava, signing out on behalf of the SaaSBoomi community.

Meet the volunteer team who puts together the event!

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Avinash Raghava

Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBoomi
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