Homecoming — Going back to my roots of building a Community

It’s time to write a new chapter

The Product Nation Dream

From the early days of PNGrowth Bootcamp that we used to do as part of iSPIRT. Some of the companies that have become grown or got an exit today were part of the program

The Circuitous Path

An evening of community engagement at Accel

At the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, where witnessed a nail-biting IPL match cheering for CSK, along with some of the portfolio companies at Together

Coming Back to My Purpose

The very beginning of the India SaaS movement which started with a few founders huddled in hall. The crowd is seen deeply focused as Girish Mathrubootham unpacked his startup lessons with the gathering


  • Create playbooks to help hybrid startups which currently offer services and products, become pure-play product companies.
  • Scale our cross-border GTM initiatives for startups
  • Build our mentor network
  • Build a platform for aspiring founders
  • Build communities around dev tools and infrastructure
  • Build a membership program that allows more companies to become part of the network
  • Go beyond the metros to give flight to hidden and unheralded talent in emerging cities
  • Work towards building the bootstrapped ecosystem
  • Build a strong network of founders for companies who have crossed $10M ARR and are aiming to join the $100M club
  • Build a sister platform called “Jagah” focused on founders’ well-being

From the verge of being named a boys’ club to a women participation share of ~15%, SaaSBoomi Annual ’23 brought forth the best of the women in SaaS, all huddled under one roof. May this tribe keep growing

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