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 A call to arms – announcing SaaSBoomi’s AI Bootcamp 2024

Building in the Ai space? We’re introducing an AI Bootcamp program for 120 early-stage AI startup founders for peer-learning and bonding.

Matthew John
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Can AI take the pain out of dentistry?

Computer vision brings self-driving cars to our mind. But an Indian startup Toothlens is using it to spot tiny cavities in teeth with nothing more than smartphone images to train its AI model.

Sumit Chakraberty
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How product-market fit changes between India and the US

Entrepreneurs find themselves looking at a very different market when they decide to go from India to the US. The path to PMF is poles apart in the two geographies. As are the market, customers, and sales cycles. Three founders who have gone through the motions talk about key strategies that help. The larger India-US startup corridor that exists is an ecosystem founders can turn to and learn from.

Raviteja Dodda, Rohit Choudhary & Mohit Garg
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This is electricity. There was a before and there’s an after.

After the spurt in cloud-driven SaaS from 2015, the software industry is undergoing another seismic shift with the capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI), fueled by billions of dollars invested in creating Large Language Models (LLMs). While companies like OpenAI building the infrastructure layer made AI the buzz this year, vast opportunities for innovators of all […]

Malavika Velayanikal
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AI for India SaaS and what it means

I recently found myself in a room full of SaaS founders discussing the risks that generative AI (GenAI) poses for their companies. I couldn’t help but wonder how, as an industry, we’ve spent so much time talking about how AI is going to replace humans, how GenAI is going to throw people off their jobs […]

Ashwini Asokan
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How to think about building GenAI products: Reimagining Problem-Solving

Watching 100 million users adopt ChatGPT within a few months of launch has put undue pressure on SaaS founders to reinvent the wheel. We need to ask ourselves if what drives our business is the tech stack or the problem being solved. For most products, users don’t care about what tech stack is being used, […]

Nivedha Venkatesh
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The making of the product-tech backbone of a SaaS start-up

From guarding the mindspace of developers against the harsh realities of a cash-strapped world to giving brilliant jerks a polite go-by, the dos and don’ts for a surging start-up are one too many. At SaaSBoomi Build, builders of great products and developers of sparkling tech had much to say. In the hustle-filled early days of SaaS […]

Bharani Vaitheesvaran