Igniting our AI future – Meet the Winners of SaaSBoomi Awards 2023

Over the last twelve months, AI has emerged as the central focus of every conversation around SaaS – it would not be an exaggeration by any means to view the current period as a transition from the age of SaaS to the age of “”.

Many observers compare the AI revolution to recent platform shifts such as the move to the cloud and the advent of mobile phones. That this represents another incremental wave in the history of technological progress.

These experts are wrong.

In the entire course of human history, there has been only one advancement that is comparable to AI.


Hark back to the time that mankind discovered fire. 

From our current vantage point, the discovery of fire might seem marginally important but not life-altering. 

But imagine the world at the time that our forefathers discovered fire.

It was a primitive world where humans were largely food gatherers and the entire purpose of life as we know it was to ensure that we had access to fresh food.

Fire fundamentally changed this construct. 

It enabled humans to switch from gathering food to growing it. From eating raw food to hunting and cooking. Fire enabled humans to conquer the vagaries of nature by providing warmth and protection. It created a surplus of food and time that catalyzed the dawn of civilization as we know it today. 

Yes, fire could singe and burn but its positive benefits far outweighed the potential risks. 

Millenia later, fire enabled humans to convert fossil fuels to energy and paved the path for the industrial revolution that represented another step change in human civilization.

Future historians could well see the advent of AI to be as momentous as humans discovering fire. It fundamentally changes every aspect of work and play. And to think, we are still so early in this journey. All the magical advancements made possible by AI today merely represent the tip of the spear – it is probably beyond the realm of imagination today to conceive what kind of “fossil fuels” the fire of AI will spark centuries from now.

As we step out into this brave new world with limitless possibilities, an intrepid set of founders have taken the lead pioneering and shaping the world of the future. 

It is with great pride that we highlight and recognize these exemplars in this community.

Announcing the winners of the SaaSBoomi Awards 2023.

From early breakouts to rapidly-scaling companies, from metros to the hinterland of the country, across industries and markets, the winners of SaaSBoomi Awards 2023 have emblazoned glorious paths of success and recognition and now join a pantheon of past winners who have emerged as global leaders.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding companies.

Here is the full list of categories and winners:

  • SaaS Startup of the year – HighRadius
  • AI SaaS Startup – 
  • Breakout SaaS startup – Invideo
  • Scale-up SaaS startup – WhatFix
  • Bootstrapped SaaS Startup – SignDesk
  • Build for Bharat SaaS startup – Credgenics
  • Next Frontier SaaS startup – SocialPilot
  • Emerging SaaS startup – Zluri
  • Developer, Tools, and Infra SaaS startup – Acceldata

The success of these companies demonstrates to the entire Indian SaaS ecosystem that the path ahead in an AI-centric world is fraught with potential – as vast and transformative as the discovery of fire by our ancient forebears. By harnessing AI in fundamental ways, we have the power to ignite a new era of growth, innovation, and global leadership.

About the author

Sumanth Raghavendra

CEO and Founder, Presentations.AI
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