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The PULSE Manifesto

1We want an end to the isolation of minorities within the SaaS startup ecosystem.

2We will enable women and other gender minorities to come together and foster an inclusive community that supports growth and development for all.

3We are starting the SaaSBOOMi PULSE: As you are movement by working with women founders and leaders in SaaS.

4We want to ensure that women and other underrepresented minorities have the support and resources they need to succeed.

5We want to get them access to learning and development opportunities, including roundtables, mentorship programs, and workshops. These will cater to all stages of their startup journey.

6We will strive for increased visibility and representation of women and LGBTQIA+ in SaaS startups. This includes documenting progress through surveys and metrics, creating a database of successful underrepresented founders in the industry, and providing Diversity & Inclusion certification.

7We will encourage evangelism and marketing efforts to raise awareness of the contributions of women and underrepresented minorities in SaaS.

8We recognize that progress must be made slowly and deliberately, iterating on different ideas rather than rushing towards a few intense efforts.

Here’s how you can help

If you are a SaaS founder (gender/race/other differences no bar), join our community of founders
If you are not a founder, but a woman working in the SaaS industry (or belong to any other underrepresented groups)
If you are a male founder and believe in the importance of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace
If you know any women/LGBTQIA+ founder/leader in SaaS