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Volunteer of the Month

Ankit Dudhwewala
Ankit, the co-founder of CallHippo & SoftwareSuggest, led the registrations team at the Annual ‘24 and despite the overwhelming turnout of 1500+ attendees this year, he ensured the registrations sailed smoothly. Hats off to him for the countless hours and lightning-fast responses to ensure things ran without any hiccups. Ankit has also been the go-to-guru in the SGx cohort, as a functional mentor for startups trying to crack SEO code. The SGx tribe says that every startup in the cohort has felt the ripple effects of his insights. At his company as a non-tech founder navigating the tech world, Ankit has shattered the myth that tech companies need a tech co-founder to thrive. Cheers Ankit, for making waves in both the tech startup space and our volunteer community!
Anirudh Gopinath
Co-Founder, Zceppa
Meet Anirudh, co-founder of Zceppa, and an indispensable member of the SaaSBoomi Community for nearly two years. His journey with us started with the inception of our Badminton League, swiftly transitioning into a core volunteer role for the Chennai Chapter. He played a key role in organizing Social and Playbooks in Chennai as well as managing key aspects of the Annual ‘23. Now, he is a lead volunteer for the Annual ‘24, driving the mammoth ground zero part to pull off our most ambitious event yet. With his remarkable ability to bring order to chaos and his humor, he’s made the planning and prep process less stressful and a lot more fun.
Maansi Sanghi
Maansi is an experienced leader who has launched and scaled new B2B products in international markets for Hotelogix, CloudCherry, and now with iMocha. She co-leads SaaSBoomi’s Bangalore Chapter. She has been volunteering with SaaSBoomi for over a year, organizing monthly playbook roundtables, managing sessions at the Annual, and most recently, pulling off our Socials in Bangalore flawlessly. She is currently working on the Operators’ track for SaaSBoomi Annual ‘24. Hats off to you, Maansi, for doing all this and more, always with a smile. Your warmth and calm demeanor even in the most stressful situations is an inspiration.
Aastha Sharma
A loud shout-out to Aastha Sharma, co-founder of Veris, who is the driving force behind SaaSBoomi’s latest initiative, Qafila, our event in the Gulf region scheduled for later this month. She penned the GCC Playbook with support from a few other volunteers. Aastha began her SaaSBoomi journey as part of our SGx cohort, and soon became one of our active volunteers paying-it-forward with multiple initiatives. She leads our Delhi/NCR Chapter and champions our diversity initiative. Aastha finds time for all this along with her responsibilities as a young mother.
Umesh Bhutoria
Founder & CEO, Xempla
A shout out to a driving force behind our SGx squad – Umesh Bhutoria. Having started his journey with the first cohort of SGx (formerly GrowthX), Umesh quickly became a standout contributor, showcasing his leadership skills and dedication to the program. Over the last few years, he’s been instrumental in refining processes and program design, investing time to make SGx impactful. A founder with a funny bone, his roast sessions during SGx retreats are not to be missed. Unassuming yet influential, Umesh leaves a positive vibe wherever he goes. Cheers to Umesh – our volunteer of the month, who makes growth enjoyable and keeps SaaSBoomi Community vibrant, as always!

Umesh is a volunteer for


Hear from the community

Anand Pavan Mandala

Founder & CEO, Startups.Jobs
Thanks a ton, SaasBoomi, as I feel this literally saved 3-5 years of my life in the least, as it allowed me to learn from the failures and mistakes of successful SaaS founders, by not reinventing the wheel of experience in our startup.

Godard Abel

Co-Founder & CEO, G2
An amazing gathering of the best SaaS entrepreneurs in India! Incredible learning from peer entrepreneurs willing to truly be vulnerable and share lessons learned.

Veekshith Rai

COO, Finly
I’m not sure about making a dent in the Universe, but I’m sure this movement is going to make a change in the Indian GDP.

Sujit Karpe

Co-Founder and CTO, Interview Mocha
Every revenue is good till it’s recurring revenue. Every knowledge is good till it’s recurring knowledge. SaaSBoomi is a recurring knowledge for me. From 2019 to 2020 we grew our revenue 3x. With learning from 2020, planning to grow 5x!

Yashwanth M

Co-Founder & CEO, Fyle
Nowhere in the world does a team of volunteers who are all founders running multi-million (and billion) dollar companies come together with the sole purpose of elevating the state of an entire industry.

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