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For those who couldn’t make it to the exclusive roundtable event, fear not; we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive overview and key takeaways from the enlightening session. Hosted by Arvind Parthiban, Co-founder & CEO of, the event provided an intimate platform for visionary founders to dive deep into the startup’s remarkable journey and glean strategic insights applicable to their ventures.

Arvind Parthiban, Co-founder & CEO of at SaaSBoomi Playbook Roundtable event

Unveiling the Success Story of

SuperOps.AI’s journey from challenging established players to disrupting a red ocean market served as a beacon of inspiration for all attendees. The startup’s success was attributed to aligning its product with market needs, a lesson emphasized for all founders striving for the elusive product-market fit.

Mastering Inbound Sales Scaling

Arvind Parthiban, the CEO of, shared the secrets behind building and scaling an inbound sales engine. In the fiercely competitive world of B2B SaaS, mastering this skill is essential for any founder looking to propel their startup to new heights.

Conquering Global Markets

From India to the US and beyond,’s international success was a focal point of discussion. Attendees gained valuable insights into the strategies employed to conquer diverse markets and navigate the challenges associated with global expansion.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

The closed session, limited to just 15 members, offered a unique opportunity for founders to connect with like-minded peers. Networking in such an intimate setting allowed attendees to expand their entrepreneurial network and foster valuable connections.

Key Takeaways from Attendees

The notes from attendees further enriched the event’s insights:

  • Validate Your Product: Re-evaluate if your product is a use-and-throw software or a mission-critical solution. The importance of daily use by businesses cannot be overstated.
  • Identify Your ICP: A few features catering to the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) can be more impactful than trying to please everyone.
  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB): Establishing a Customer Advisory Board is a good practice to gather valuable feedback and insights directly from users.
  • Onlyness Factor: What makes your product unique? Understanding the Onlyness factor is crucial for standing out in the market.
  • Stranger ARR: Aim for good Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) from customers who are strangers to your product.
  • SaaS Metrics Every Founder Should Know: Familiarize yourself with key metrics such as LTV (Lifetime Value), CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), NRR (Net Revenue Retention), and ARR.
  • Product Marketing Functions: Highlighting the importance of onboarding, adoption, PR, and branding in product marketing functions.
  • Strategic Advice: Insights included having a marketer on board from day one, emphasizing the significance of looking at the bigger picture for a $100M ARR business, and the importance of not building for the Fortune 500 but the unfortunate 500k companies.

Final Thoughts

As the event concluded, the essence of the insights shared can be summed up in the advice that a startup will never run out of money but of time. Founders were urged not to get caught up in tactics but rather focus on the bigger vision to build a go-to-market strategy for a $100M ARR business. The day-one advice resonated with the importance of having a marketer on board from the outset to gather market intelligence and understand user requirements.

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B SaaS, the SuperOps.AI roundtable event provided a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities for those fortunate enough to attend. For those who missed out, these key takeaways offer a glimpse into the invaluable insights shared, allowing you to integrate these lessons into your entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to unlock successful strategies in the dynamic world of B2B SaaS.

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