The much-awaited SaasBoomi GrowthX (SGx) Summer 2022 cohort is launching soon. Are you going to be in it?

It’s been a little less than a month since SaaSBoomi Growth happened, and we couldn’t have asked for more. The response has been phenomenal, and the demand for more hasn’t stopped. We didn’t intend to disappoint.

We are announcing the launch of the Summer 2022 Cohort of SGx. A four-month-long intensive program that is built for early-stage SaaS Startups, with a focus on getting their marketing flywheel in order. You will have one Saarthi/Mentor and a Wingmate who will work with the Saarthi to ensure that you remain on track. The kickoff will happen on 18th July 2022, but we are opening the applications now. You can find out more about the program at

GrowthX program in a nutshell

This is our third cohort. We have helped 12 companies to date across our two previous cohorts. 

We are inviting companies that are between $400K to $1.5Mn to apply. This will be an intensive four-month program focused almost exclusively on building your growth engine. You will typically be spending about 6 hours a week on discussions and you will be expected to implement the discussions quickly. Together, we will build whatever is needed for your growth. Customised to your needs. This is a founder-first program, so we expect the founders to be available and drive the outcomes from this program internally.

Saarthis, Wingmates, and the peers from the cohort form the sounding board for every startup.

Just to give you a quick peek into what goes behind the scene – post your application, the following steps will be done by us:

  1. Evaluate your application on the basis of readiness and fit
  2. Evaluate the profile of the founders
  3. Speak with the references you give us to understand more about you and the business you are building
  4. Two separate discussions will be done with you by two of the mentors
  5. The results will be calibrated and a final score will be derived
  6. Once the scores are all done – we will take a final call on the basis of:
    1. The score
    2. Our hypothesis about what is needed by your business to grow
    3. Our ability to serve that requirement
    4. Availability of a relevant Saarthi/Mentor and Wingman

While this seems fairly straightforward, trust me when I say that it is not. To align everyone towards a uniform and harmonious outcome and ensure that you get the best Saarthi to guide you along the way along with the correct Wingman. 

Remember – this is a pro-bono initiative being done by Founders/Ex-founders to help fellow entrepreneurs scale up. There is nothing in this for them. No equity. No money. Just the thrill of helping build another great SaaS business out of India. So, again – if you don’t think your business is at a stage where you can dedicate the required amount of time to do this, please do not apply. You will have other chances in the future. 

So, if you think GrowthX is for you, don’t wait – apply now. The applications will close on 15th June 2022 and we will start the cohort on 18th July 2022. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

About the author

Mrigank Tripathi

Cheif Growth Officer, PeopleStrong
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