Freshworks: The deck has to tell a story

In the first episode of PitchCraft, Moneycontrol’s Chandra Srikanth speaks to Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshworks, and Shekhar Kirani, partner at Accel, as they deconstruct Freshworks’ first pitch deck which helped them secure the initial round of funding from Accel.

The power of storytelling is at the heart of this episode; as Girish emphasizes that a pitch deck should clearly articulate the problem the startup is trying to solve, how the solution will be executed, and why the team is well-equipped to win in the segment the firm operates in. Girish and Shekhar agree that telling your startup’s story will help secure investor interest while providing information about the competition and how you will take them on builds investor confidence.

This article was originally published on SeedToScale.

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