BTS Marketing S1 E5

The Magic of Product Marketing & Copywriting

21 Apr 2022

PipeCandy is the industry standard data set that tracks 5 million plus e-commerce & DTC brands across hundreds of data points & markets.

They transformed from a single to a multi product SaaS company without building new products.

They became industry standard by calling themselves industry standard.

They 2x-ed their revenue in 4 months with no engineering changes.

They called out their USP and gave it a name which not many companies do.

They gained the confidence to price higher despite previous battle scars from pricing experiments.

How did they do this?
What’s the secret ingredient that went into this?
What’s the link between PipeCandy and SaaSBOOMi GrowthX?

Find answers to these and more in our latest #BTSpodcast E5 feat. Ashwin Ramasamy (Co-founder, PipeCandy), hosted by Arvind Parthiban and Varun Shoor.

About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co- Founder, PipeCandy
Key Takeaways

Key take aways:

1:48 Marketing Org Chart
3:39 Push v/s Pull driven product
5:14 TAM exercise
6:44 PipeCandy Before & After SaaSBOOMi GrowthX
12:08 How to communicate Trustworthy Authority?
14:03 Brand Image, Brand Identity & Positioning
14:57 How do we visually communicate trust?
17:27 Impact of re-branding
17:39 How does pricing & segmentation work?
21:17 Key metrics for website
23:46 Pricing Evolution
24:49 Pricing considering competition
26:20 Opportunities to increase your revenue
28:28 API pricing
33:37 What’s the value in the case of software?
35:22 Rapid fire
38:10 Your biggest marketing challenge?

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