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Scaling Enterprise Customer Success & Expanding Customers

There is a market landscape, your customer needs, and how both evolve. Strategy-building is about laying out these on a map and getting to the details of where things stand and how they move. Learning on Customer retention cheat sheet and challenges with LogiNext & Amagi.

SaaSBoomi Editorial Team
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Starting up again, to make customer success easy!

I still remember the day when we got our 1st customer in my last startup. It was a lovely rainy day in November 2013 and it came with a terrific feeling – it felt absolutely amazing; almost akin to the 1st kiss. And after 2 years of honeymoon – they churned. I felt crushed, hollowed, […]

Manasij Ganguli
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How to not run out of money and other insights from my founding journey

All businesses are people businesses. With the right team, founders can cruise towards North Stars and tide over cash crunches. At CloudCherry before, and now at Uniphore, I have seen that encouraging teams to play together helps the company stay together. I have always been a big believer in small stories. That is how I […]

Vinod Muthukrishnan
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How to build a super cool startup – A five-pronged playbook to get the hype machine started

I was hosting a session on branding for the startup accelerator Uppekha when I had the conversation that made me write this essay. “How many of you are using Notion mainly for writing and sharing documents?” I’d asked. Quite a few founders said they were. “And how many of you use Dropbox to store things?” […]

Sairam Krishnan
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Tryst With Destiny: An Entrepreneurial Pledge

We will, on August 15th 2020, be celebrating our 73rd Independence anniversary. Like every year, pious statements of intent will be made on eradicating poverty, emotional recallings of the lives and sacrifices of the many who brought us to the present and inspirational speeches will be made on our (continued) potential to become a world […]

Sanjay Anandaram