Founder’s Deep Dive S1 E1

The journey of Vymo with Yamini Bhat

06 Aug 2021

Vymo is one of the first enterprise SaaS companies in India with a different sales and marketing motion compared to typical horizontal SMB SaaS.

Vymo started building an enterprise SaaS startup when SaaS in India was all about SMB.

Learn more about the founding story of how Yamini Bhat and Venkat Malladi chose the name VYMO to avoid brand clutter, how they set out to solve a problem in the domain of sales while providing a high-quality user experience journey for enterprise users, to finally build a multi-tenant, single code base, 70-80 use cases, multi-vertical product deployed across 60+ enterprises across 7 countries and used by 200,000+ sales reps!

When the usual advice is to start small, their initial set of customers were all large enterprises. Why did they choose that way?

When you pitch investors and they say, mobile-first, Asia first, distributed and verticalization are all not hot, how do you continue to believe in your conviction?

It’s interesting how they worked with customers, product champions, and influencers while creating a new category in the world of CRM.

And they achieved all this when there was no playbook available on deers and whales as is today.

“It took us 8 years back then to do it, now we’ll only take 3 years to do it.” says Yamini.

Download all the wisdom, on strong outbound engine, SDR cadence, customer marketing, value selling, hiring senior positions, managing the board, culture at more in this episode!

About the host

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

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Yamini Bhat

Co-Founder, Vymo