BTS Marketing S1 E1

The art of event marketing with Arun Pattabhiraman and Noel Wax

16 Sep 2021

In this episode we have Arun Pattabhiraman – Chief Growth Officer, Freshworks and Noel Wax – President and Co-founder, GroundSwell Group joining as guests.

Tune in to this episode to learn more on physical to virtual to hybrid events – how to drive registrations for a live event amidst the digital fatigue, how to leverage not just your marketing team but the other critical levers, on interesting event formats and more.

You’ll hear more on what event organizers can learn from Netflix series, if events are for demand generation or brand marketing, 3 must haves for a great event, key difference maker for an event.

All these insights coming from the lens of Arun with his experience across Freshworks and Noel whose company is into events business with Arvind and Varun getting into the finer details.

And wait for the rapid fire in the end on more of tactics and tools.

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About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Noel Wax

CEO, GroundSwell Group LLC

Arun Pattabhiraman

Chief Growth Officer , Freshworks