Founder’s Deep Dive S1 E6

Shaping the future of Broadcast & Streaming TV through SaaS with Baskar Subramaninan

18 Feb 2022

If you’d like to start a streaming TV channel, how will you go about it?

Amagi has a suite of solutions for you to get started and scale a TV channel. There are only a few companies that build products to help media houses, global OTT players.

Amagi Media Labs is a global leader pioneering cloud solutions for the media & entertainment industry, providing end-to-end cloud managed live & on demand video infrastructure for TV & OTT.

In a decade old journey of ups & downs, Baskar Subramanian (Co-founder & CEO, Amagi) has built some of the most disruptive tech solutions.

Here’s more on what you can learn from this episode. Tune in to the full episode, Happy learning!

About the host

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

This episode’s guest

Key Takeaways
  1. The SaaS behind services like Netflix, Prime and other streaming services
  2. How do the metrics differ for vertical & horizontal SaaS?
  3. How to serve when the customers ask for SLA of 99.9999% ?
  4. How to choose the right market so that you can leverage the market dynamics?
  5. Insights on product stickiness and lock-in
  6. Global consumer behavior on new content consumption
  7. How do media tech companies operate?
  8. Why did they go ahead with a multi cloud strategy?
  9. How do they manage good numbers with a 16 member sales team?
  10. Bonus: Learn more about the heavy tech involving satellites and software that went into building location specific advertising solutions in India.