Scale and StartUp Stories S1 E6

Icertis: the making of a SaaS unicorn

30 Jun 2020

The first time I heard of Icertis was when it closed its billion dollar valuation funding round last year. I wasn’t alone to discover Icertis back then. Many people in the ecosystem, including some of the top investors had the same question, what does Icertis do and why is it valued at over a billion dollars?
In this episode of SaaSBOOMi podcast with its co-founder Monish Darda, we don’t just answer the questions about what makes Icertis a unicorn, but also trace the journey from the early building blocks.
As I discovered in this conversation, Icertis isn’t just a SaaS unicorn. It’s clearly among the companies out there who have the potential to go all the way to become what they call “BuiltToLast.”

“If you’re building the company for the long term, you really have to think about your values….giving people a framework and giving yourselves a framework on how you behave,” Monish tells me in this podcast.

Monish and Samir Bodas, the co-founders of Icertis, applied all the learnings from their past failures to build a culture that lasts.

“After every meeting, and during the meetings, we always ask ourselves, what if we walk out now.”

The culture of learning from failures is helping Icertis avoid existential failures in the future. During every company meeting, both Samir and Monish talk about their failures over the past six months.

The story of Icertis reminds me of Ben Horowitz’s famous book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things.” Icertis’ journey so far, and the potential ahead, underscores what it really takes to build a company that matters, not just for the next funding rounds, but a true “BuiltToLast.”

Please tune in to learn from Icertis’ journey.

About the host

Pankaj Mishra

Founder , FactorDaily

This episode’s guest

Monish Darda

Co-Founder & CTO, Icertis